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5 Things to Women should prepare for before starting Chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy is a session that takes a short time. But, you may feel the impact of this process for a long time. Chemotherapy side effects can be curbed if you make your life easier with proper preparations before starting the medication.

You have to keep thinking of how you will take care of yourself few days before you go for a chemotherapy treatment. If you plan properly for your chemotherapy, you will sail through the process smoothly. You can organize all essential aspects that will be helpful to your treatment. The following are facts that you need to adhere to when planning for chemotherapy.

1. Talk to your employer

Most cancer centers schedule chemotherapy sessions within official working hours. In this case, you will frequently need time off from your working station for appointments and treatment. Sometimes you may even spend a whole week without going to your work station. Apparently, you need to know your options together with your rights to be off duty without violating your company’s norms.

Talk to your boss and let him be aware of your chemotherapy appointments and treatment schedules. Request your boss if you may have a flexible working schedule that rhyme with your chemo sessions. Finally, gauge if your boss will be flexible with your chemotherapy treatments before you start your sessions.

2. Organize for your transportation

Organize to have a close relative or a friend to drive you to your chemotherapy sessions. You may either feel comfortable or uncomfortable after the first chemotherapy.

Your friend or relative can offer you physical company because of the unpredicted chemo sessions outcomes. Additionally, he/she may comfort you after the chemo sessions. Emotional support is good as it is the strength that will keep you strong throughout the process.

Most of the chemotherapy regimens are usually accompanied by pre-medications. These medications may make you to feel sleepy. You may not feel the exact reaction of the chemo to your body, thus, it is essential to have someone to offer physical support and drive you to the chemo sessions.

3. Purchase a wig in advance

Most chemo treatments are likely to cause loss of hair. Hair loss during chemotherapy is one the signs that may make you feel uncomfortable. Hair loss can be managed if you purchase a wig to hide all the patches of hair that are lost.

Purchase different brands of wig before starting your Chemotherapy to have good chemotherapy sessions. Why? A stylist can comfortably match your hair and wig before the chemo. A wig which has a perfect match to your hair is essential when you start experiencing hair loss.

Numerous recommendations from experts on the type wigs to use and the brands are available in most cancer centers. These cancer centers have got a list of the recommended wig retailers who retail the best wigs for cancer patients. You can purchase items from places like “Aurora Direct” which sells products to help with your cancer journey.

4. Employ a helper

Consider getting a helper at home. A helper may help you to prepare meals, child care, house cleaning, transportation and to keep you company. Sometimes it may be tough to take care of kids at the same time cook dinner while managing the chemo side effects such as nausea and fatigue.

Thus a helper comes in handy to help you live comfortably. Additionally, he/she lengthens your resting time to reduce your recovery period.

5. Stock up healthy groceries

You need to stay hydrated to ease some of the chemo side effects. Thus, stocking up your food store is a huge milestone to your health. Sign up for meal delivery services for the days you don’t feel like visiting your kitchen. Ensure you have a mix of fruits, high-protein snacks together with vegetables. You can also have plenty of low calorie drinks on hand.

Final note

Planning for your chemotherapy will make you to have a swift sail through the chemo process without feeling any negative impacts. You can make your life better when you think about how you will take care of yourself just before going for treatment.

Numerous information on what to purchase during the chemo process is available on the cancer centers. You can quickly recover from cancer if you adhere to all preparations that you need to have before starting the chemotherapy processes.


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