How to Show That You Care This Valentine’s Day

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Caption: A handmade bouquet of meaningful flowers can make the perfect gift.

One of the resounding lessons learnt from the more difficult periods in life is just how much our loved ones mean to us. Valentine’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity early on in the year to show just how much we care. Whilst traditional gifts are always appreciated, it is sometimes a nice idea to think a little more deeply about what your partner would truly appreciate. Of course, you know your partner better than anyone, but here are some ideas that you can build off and personalize, to make this Valentine’s Day the most heartfelt ever.

Small But Heartfelt Gifts


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Caption: Making chocolates is surprisingly easy and filling them with all of the flavors that your loved one enjoys will certainly win you points.

If you and your partner are the gift buying type, then it can be all too easy to go overboard with your spending. Instead of focusing on how much something costs, why not opt for sentimental value over cash value? First, think about something they really like or a favorite hobby; for example, if your hubby is a poker fanatic, there are plenty of gifts you could buy that could bring a little of the casino magic into your home. Card protectors make a perfect and cost-effective present because many can be personalized. Emblazon your gift with both of your initials and promise to throw a poker party where they can use it.

Another way to really show you care is by making a gift yourself. For many of us it can feel like the last handmade gifts we gave were photos of us in pasta-clad frames, dripping with glitter and still-tacky glue, but truth be told, most adults can manage something with a little more finesse. A locket with a photograph of the two of you, a box of chocolates with all of their favorite flavors, a photo album of your most treasured memories; these ideas all take a little effort, but really show that you care.

Expand On Old Favorites

Whether your partner is an old romantic, or just isn’t a fan of change, some people prefer receiving more traditional gifts. A bunch of flowers is always appreciated, but forget the cellofane wrapped bunches from the local garage. A flower delivery service is a little better, but best of all is something that you, personally, have spent plenty of time on. Even if you don’t have an ounce of creativity in you, or are a self confessed black thumb, there’s no reason why you can’t learn to arrange your own bouquet.

One of the most enjoyable parts of putting together a bouquet is thinking back on times that you’ve shared with your partner. Try to bring together some times that you’ve enjoyed where flowers were an integral part of it. Perhaps the first flowers you bought them, or when you visited a public garden together. If you’re married, what flowers did you have in the buttonholes, or wedding bouquet? If nothing springs to mind, then it could be something as simple as the flowers that were in season when you went on your first date. Whatever flower-based memories you have together, select these flowers as the basis for your bouquet. There are plenty of comprehensive beginner’s guides to putting together a bouquet online, but the basic things to remember are: to always work in circles, to buy flowers of varying sizes, and that a tight ribbon around the stems can hide almost any mistake.

Recreate Your First Date

This may sound a little crazy to some of us but it’s truly amazing what can be achieved with a little imagination and some determination. Many of us will have had a first date at a bar, so if you’re able to get out there, then go for it! Buy them an outfit just like the one they wore on the day, call ahead and have what you drank waiting for you. If you can’t get out to the bar, then recreate it at home. Stock the fridge with the drinks you had, set out some candles, get the jukebox playing, even cobble a bar together out of some cardboard boxes if you must. At best it might just be the most thoughtful gift they’ve received and at the very least, you can both have a laugh at your cardboard bar.



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