How to Show Your Appreciation for Your Loved Ones

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When did you last show someone you appreciate them? Now, more than ever, it’s important that we show the people we love how much they mean to us. 

From friends to family members, childcare staff to colleagues, we’ve all pulled together in recent months and relied on the kindness of others to lift each other up and build some community spirit. 

You don’t need any grand gestures to show how much you value them. Here are some simple, yet sweet, inspired ideas to say thank you. 

Sweet treats

If you know they have a sweet tooth, why not give them their favorite confectionery? A bag of sweets or a box of chocolates make for a lovely gift to show your appreciation. 

To make it extra-special, go personal with personalised chocolate gifts. This can be the perfect way to thank your child’s teacher or show your work friend how much they’ve been there for you over the last few months. 

Send a card

A card gives you the chance to put into words how much someone means to you. Here, you can thank them for helping you or remind them of the fun things you’ve been up to. More thought goes into this than a text message or a quick WhatsApp, so the person you’re sending it to will know you’ve bene thinking of them.  

Cook for them

Preparing a meal for someone and inviting them to your home is a brilliant opportunity to catch up with them while showing how much you value them. Whether you’ve invited a friend over or you’re feeding your partner, cooking them their favorite meal is an easy show of appreciation. 

Have a cuppa

Should social distancing make it tricky for you to have them over for dinner, why not have a catch up over a cup of tea in your garden? Or, if you’ve not got outdoor space, you could meet up with them in the park and treat them to a latte. 

Check in

While physical gifts and gestures are ideal for showing how much you value someone, sometimes the most straightforward way to demonstrate how important someone is to you is to ask how they’re doing. Regularly checking in to see how they are and being there to listen to them can go a long way. 

Include them

Are there any events or catch ups planned in with your friends? If so, this is a good opportunity to show ow much you appreciate someone as you can invite them along too. Bringing them into your wider friendship can be great, especially if this crossover works. 


What will you do to show you care for someone in your life?  


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