Best trip games for couples while on the road

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Can you name at least one person who doesn’t like hitting the road and traveling somewhere nice with a car full of family members and friends?! That’s just plain impossible! Personally for me, car trips are super thrilling and super exciting. You know, guess it is just that thrill of hopping in a car and driving wherever your heart desires and always exploring the unknown. Or maybe it’s the fact we usually do some of our best thinking and dreaming when there’s nobody else, but your closest ones, you and a road.

However, the fact many of us love to travel, especially if you got your own car, doesn’t actually mean everyone does. In point of fact, I believe most people are quite negative about road trips, because last ones can seem so long, tiresome and monotonous. So, many car travelers often stock up some of the most favorite activities and road trip games that help shorten the time just because, let’s face it, even though we may love discovering new horizons the open road brings, after several hours in the car you need something more entertaining to help pass the time!

Many websites provide the ideas mostly for the road trip games for adults, but only a few – for a whole family to enjoy Thus, yesdates compiled the list of the best road trip activities including those to be enjoyed by every family member. Pick some of those to ensure a real fun time when driving across the country!

  1. Name the tune

This one is perhaps among the most commonly played road trip games because many people are huge music addicts! The idea itself is pretty much simple – switch a song for just 5 – 10 sec and let other passengers try to guess its name or artist. You can start up our own “name the tune” CD or playlist and take turns guessing. If you’re choosing, you can keep score by seeing who can guess the song correctly in less time, who can give the most right answers in a particular amount of time or who can name a song’s right name and artist.

  1. Guess Who

This is a guessing road trip game based on giving the clues. To play Guess Who, one person picks a random personality. The other one (or ones) can ask only 10 “yes or no” questions to figure out who that personality is.

For instance: Do I know this man/woman personally? Is it male or a female? Is he/she famous?  Begin with general questions like those above at first, and then move on to more specific questions. Truly one of the best couples road trip games!

  1. Storytelling

Well, some might not call it a game and consider it pretty silly, but is a lot of fun in fact, especially when your car is packed with family members and friends. One way to play it is to purchase a book of “fill in the blanks” short stories (the ones where you fill in a random word before reading the story). You can encounter fun simple ones based on themes or even create your own. Another way is to make up a story about a person in the car next to you. Set your imagination loose! Who they really are? Where are they going? Think up some really crazy things!

  1. A to Z

The point of this game is to name a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet concerning a definite category. For example, if the category you’ve chosen is fruits, each of you names a fruit starting first with the letter A (apple, avocado and so on). Once a player names a fruit, you move onto the next letter, B (banana, blackberry, etc.), you keep going until one of you gets stuck and won’t name a fruit with the next letter. Quite a nice activity among both the adult road trip games and the children’s ones.

  1. Don’t Say It!

This is a simple game which is a pretty useful as well as it tests the memory skills of players throughout a long car ride.  Pick a couple of common words that people in the car are not allowed to say during the trip.  Those should be really common words used when traveling like “car”, “look” or “drive”.  Whenever one person says one of these words – this person is some kind of penalized in a definite way – for example, he/she has to perform an annoying task or something like that.

  1. I Spy

This is probably the most well-known and beloved road trip game so far!  “I Spy” is the perfect activity primarily for kids to take part.  They will be looking out the windows, engaged in conversation with each other and definitely having a great time.

To play this amazing game, one participant investigates the surroundings and selects an object other players need to guess the name of.  The player tells other participants what letter the name of the object starts with or the color/structure of the object.  A player who correctly (and faster than the others) names the object goes to the next round. Suggest the kids to choose something they can remember for more than 10 seconds.



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2 thoughts on “Best trip games for couples while on the road

  • Great ideas. We play games like this when we travel with the kids. I Spy is a favorite. I love the idea of a road trip with just my hubby. Maybe we will have to do this soon.

  • Most of the time we are content with listening to music (while he drives and I read). However, sometimes that isn’t enough. These trip games would be a wonderful way to pass the time and actually interact with one another.


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