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How to move cheaply

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The cheapest way to move is to do the most yourself. Moving Services charge high, but they take the process into their hands and give you the comfort of mind. Besides, remember that instead of money, you will spend your time and energy accomplishing the job. 

If you are ready anyway, Safe Relocation will help you understand the best ways to move cheaply in your circumstances. The main things to consider are how to move your belongings and the distance you need to travel. But first things first.

Rental trucks and moving containers

Basically, you are open to two choices. The first is to get a rental truck, meaning a vehicle to load your belongings into, and ride to the destination. The second is to take a moving container (a pod), which will be shipped to the required place. Generally, renting a truck is cheaper than getting a pod, but it becomes a little bit more complicated depending on the particular situation. Let’s look at the details.

Either way, you are in charge of loading and unloading the storage. It means that all boxes, a wooden cupboard, or a piano, you will need to lift by yourself and place them carefully into the vehicle. Furthermore, you may need to know how to disassemble a bed and then put it back together after the move. If your relocation does not require such challenging tasks, you are ready to think about transporting your goods.

But first, here are some tips to ease the process of preparation and avoid unnecessary spending:

  • Find a friendly hand to help you.

Any job will become unbearable if you do it for several days all alone. Mainly if it includes heavy lifting, which is much easier to do having another pair of shoulders around. Ask your family, friends, or even neighbors to help you with packing and loading. It will save you not only money but also time and nerves.

  • Save on packing materials.

Alas, you can’t just throw all your stuff into the vehicle or container and hope it will safely arrive at the destination. As a matter of fact, you can, but it surely won’t end happily for your belongings. All the things you move need to be packed according to their material. However, carton boxes and bubble wrap are not free, so be ready to spend your money on the packing materials. To reduce the cost, try asking nearby shops for discarded boxes or other containers, as they usually have a pile in the storage.

  • Label your boxes.

Firstly, you wouldn’t like to lose any boxes by chance. Secondly, different labels will help you to understand what is hiding in a particular package. It will prove useful when you will be surrounded by numerous boxes in a restless search for a toothbrush in the new apartment. By the way, all essentials that you will need during the first days after the move better pack in a separate box, still labeling it as the one important box.  

The next thing to discuss is the kind of moving you plan to accomplish — local or long-distance.

Moving locally

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If you need to move to the area near you, like in the same city, renting a truck will be the cheapest option. Unlike a moving container, it does not include additional transportation costs, namely for bringing a pad to your current home and further shipping. However, there are some moments when the price may become much higher than you’ve expected. Remember, you are renting only a vehicle, and you will need to either get some help or conduct other tasks of the relocation yourself.

  • Pay attention to packing.

As we said before, it’s a crucial stage to protect your belongings. Most damage is usually done during the loading and further reloading of the truck, so packing material is sure protection, at which you should not look carelessly. 

  • Think about filling the truck in advance.

If you need to load a washing machine, another pair of hands to help will be crucial. You can get a crew to do the heavy lifting through moving companies, but it will cost you a lot. Before starting packing, take a look at your belongings and imagine how they will be loaded. After that, ask friends to help you with the task. But remember, some stuff is better to leave to professionals. You wouldn’t like to harm your back while trying to lift a cupboard. Moreover, some things as musical instruments require special attention to conduct the relocation without any harm.

  • Become your own driver.

Someone needs to sit at the wheel. If you have a license, good for you, but remember that riding a loaded truck is not the same as an ordinary car. If you are not so lucky to become your driver, try to ask a friend to help you. Definitely, there are a lot of services providing drivers for several hours, but they are not cheap. Include the driving process into your plan and budget. 

Moving long-distance

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Even though the rental truck services are cheaper at first glance, some additional spending are bound to appear with an increase in the distance. If you are moving across the country, the most affordable option is to get a moving container.

For this kind of move, all previous information about rental trucks is still valid. Yet imagine, instead of a three-hour ride to the next district, you are getting a week-long journey to the other state. Drivers are not machines. People need rest, adequate sleep, and food. Moreover, you pay for gas, the total cost of which will skyrocket till the end of the trip. That’s why the overall price of the move will be higher than getting a moving pod. 

By choosing the moving container, you exclude the cost of hotels, dinners, and gas. However, the process of preparation is still the same as with the rental truck. You are in charge of packing, loading, and unloading, as the pads services do not provide help with that.  

All in all, if you move locally, choose to rent a truck, and if cross-country — take a moving container. Analyze your situation and make wise decisions to make the relocation as cheap as possible.


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