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I invite everyone to remember their childhood with the game Duck Hunt. Remember, back in 1984, Nintendo released a game with a crazy dog ​​that helped a hunter to collect ducks or made fun of a loser in case of loss of prey? It remained popular for a long time, but time passed and we all began to get carried away with completely different things. If you are tormented by nostalgia, then this site will help you cope with this turmoil.

Duck Hunt was released 30 years ago on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console. In total, more than 28 million copies of the game were sold, which makes it the second largest game in terms of sales on this platform. It offers to hunt ducks, which are lured out of the grass by a hunting dog. When it hits, the dog triumphantly protrudes out of the grass with its prey, when it misses, it laughs at the player.

Even now, more than 30 years after the release of the game, we can still learn something new about it. Actor Seth Rogen tweeted a clue that could have changed the lives of many teens years ago – when they played the NES and hunted ducks in the 8-bit Duck Hunt game. It turns out that all this time, the bird flying on the level could be controlled using a second gamepad. Once upon a time, the artist was playing with his sister and accidentally sat down on a free gamepad – after that, the duck began to fly to the upper right corner of the screen. So he learned about this non-obvious possibility.

Some did not believe Rogen’s words and accused him of spreading false information. In response, he posted scanned pages of the manual that came with Duck Hunt. And he was right.

Rogen’s discovery shocked many Twitter users, including his fellow actors.

How to play?

Of course, there is no pistol here, all manipulations with the weapon are performed using the keyboard and mouse, so armed, let’s start hunting. How can you go hunting without a faithful assistant? And despite the fact that the hunt is virtual, you will still have a dog with you. By the way, he is a very funny dog, he can not only scare away the ducks, which you will have to shoot afterwards, but also amuses you, especially if you shoot at it at the moment when it shows you the knocked down duck, but it is better not to do this. , you will lose because of the inability to get your prey. When hunting, do not forget to reload your gun, otherwise the ducks will fly out, and you will not have time to shoot.


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