Trees In Your Yard Can Lead To Unexpected Damages

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Trees can bring refreshing air, shade and brilliant color to your backyard, but they also have the potential to cause problems that will put a dent in your bank account. Read about the tree troubles that you should watch out for before you have to pay a hefty bill.

 Roots Crawling Into The Pipes:

The roots of trees can extend well past the trunk and reach further than its longest branches. In the context of urban housing, the length of roots is incredibly concerning—there is limited space for root systems to grow and they can often wander into inconvenient areas.

One of those frustrating areas that tree roots like to sneak into is a home’s plumbing system. Small leaks in pipes will entice the roots so that they grow towards the water source and make their way inside.

Call over a professional plumbing company like Morrison Plumbing & Mechanical to check to see if your plumbing system is safe from roots — they will do an inspection where they feed a camera equipped with a two-hundred-foot cable down the sewer line to spot the growing clusters. If they do find something, they can act immediately so that your pipes don’t deal with any more harm, like sewage backing up into the house.

If you are hoping to landscape and put a fresh tree in the ground, you can avoid any future expensive root problems by taking their tenacious growth into account and planting them a considerable distance away from your house’s sanitary line. Ideally, the new addition shouldn’t be placed too close to your home or your neighbor’s home.

Falling Branches:

Heavy storms can make tree branches break and fall on roofs, parked cars and into roads. A single piece can cost thousands in damages and create a high risk of serious physical injury.

If you want to know if you should be worried this winter, check if you have one of the city’s biggest problem trees standing in your yard — the three species that are most vulnerable to storms and harsh weather are Norway Maples, Silver Maples and Siberian Elms. Get professional tree services to prune any weak-looking branches before they come crashing down.

Diseases And Pests:

Trees are natural wonders that can act as homes to different animals like birds and chipmunks. Sadly, they can also become the resting places for tree diseases and insect infestations that can cause permanent damage — others will not cause complete destruction to the leaves or wood, but they will cause gardens to look unsightly for a season.

People who are concerned about their trees falling victim to diseases should look out for these:

  • Canker
  • Black knot
  • Powdery mildew

They can also keep their eyes peeled for pests that can cause devastation through infestation:

  • Emerald ash borers
  • Carpenter ants
  • Asian long-horned beetles

If you have the chance to plant a new tree, pick one that will take less maintenance in the future. A slow-growing sapling will be just as lovely as a large Maple, and it will ease concerns about surprise expenses.


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