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Inspect And Prep Your Home For Winter

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With winter comes increased risks to your house. When the freezing temperatures and nasty weather hit, it’s great to already have your home prepped. But, it’s never too late to check on the following and remedy any issues to ready your family for any kind of weather.

Furnace Inspection

A professional can check your furnace and perform preventative maintenance before it’s tested by potential months of sub-zero temperatures. Check to see that your thermostat is providing an accurate reading. Furnaces need to be regularly cleaned: this is important for fire safety. Carbon monoxide is also an issue with systems in disrepair.

Check Doors and Windows

Inspect the weather stripping and caulking on exterior doors and windows. Feel for drafts coming in. Seals should be tight and any gaps can be easily caulked with a brand meant for outdoor use, like silicone.

Clear Gutters

Gutters clogged with leaves and other debris can damage trim, siding, and your roof with water. Leakage can also occur from sustained blockage causing unfortunate water damage, plus pose health risks.

Reverse Fan Rotation

If your home has ceiling fans, make sure they’re running in a clockwise direction once the heat is on for the season. This will force heated air that has risen back down into the room again.

Inspect Your Chimney

Fires can start from creosote build-up from a fire-burning chimney. Call in an expert to properly clean your chimney every 70 fires. Wood that is wet causes even more smoke and build-up, so always avoid burning it.

Keep Pipes Warm

Plumbing can freeze, and pipes can crack and leak, or even burst, flooding areas of your home. It’s good to know a reliable plumber who can inspect your home’s plumbing, fixtures, connections, and more to perform preventative and regular maintenance. Do your part by keeping pipes warm with foam covers for insulation and open cupboards at night to let warm air in. Locate your water shut-off and occasionally turn and lubricate the handle so it’s easier to use during an emergency.

Check Your Water Heater

Losing hot water is particularly inconvenient and uncomfortable during the winter. If you’ve lost hot water pressure, this could be an indicator of a problem. Professional plumbers can maintain and install a new heater or water treatment system to improve the quality of smelly or foul-tasting water.

Disconnect Your Garden Hose

Water can freeze in your hose or spigot causing breakage, and if this extends to the pipe, water could flood into your house. Even if you turn off the water supply, this can still occur if the hose is connected. Protect your hose by draining it before putting it away, too.

Empty Tools of Fuel

Remove the gas sitting in your mower, leaf blower, and other tools in the off-season to prevent damage to the engine and other parts.

Note this list is not exhaustive. Consider areas of your home that could be affected by cold weather, ice, and blowing winds. Many of these things can be handled yourself, but for more technical jobs that need to be done right, call in a professional. It costs money, but the potential costs and damage that can be prevented by having experts take care of it could save much more in case of emergency.


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