How to Make Your Browsing Safe and Secure with iTop VPN

In this digital era, cybercrimes are on the rise. Therefore, you need to use a trusted VPN app to make your browsing secure. Did you notice that when you visit some websites, they collect your data? Your personal details are used for various purposes. Due to this increase in cybercrimes and privacy issues, many people have limited their online activities. But, don’t worry. We have good news for you. You can use iTop VPN and enjoy many benefits fast and safe. So, let’s find how this app can benefit you. 

How to Make Your Browsing Safe and Secure with iTop VPN

A Suitable VPN App is Important in Daily Life.

As mentioned at the start, your online activities put your personal details at risk because you never know how the web will use your details on different purposes. On the other hand, when you use a VPN app, you are able to totally hide your real IP address and location. In other words, you will not be tracked easily by third party company, government and hackers. Moreover, this secure service can help you access restricted content with ease. 

Wait, we haven’t finished yet. By using the iTop VPN, you enjoy their military-grade protection. You can use this VPN on various platforms, including your iOS smart devices, Android smartphones and of course use it for Windows. The best thing about this app is the multi-security methods it offers. They offer private web access that takes you to a protected world and is with no lag 

Furthermore, as iTop VPN gives you private web access, it will help you secure and conceal your organization’s details like area, online activities, and data sharing. You can enjoy two features at one time. One is IP protection, and the second is to access restricted content effortlessly. Finally, if you’re a game lover, you can play confined games. Nowadays, games are too easy to be banned. iTop VPN provides dedicated game connection lines of many hot games, such as PUBG, Freefire and MLBB, and more.

Pros and Cons of iTop VPN

There is no doubt that iTop VPN can protect you from harmful activities performed by hackers. The pros and cons given below will help you understand whether it’s right for you or not.

Pros of iTop VPN

  • Multiple Connections

It allows you to connect up to 5 devices by using a single license. More importantly, by doing this, the security level wouldn’t be compromised. 

  • Automatic Disconnection

Many modern apps don’t have this feature. The biggest plus point of iTop VPN is automatic disconnection. Kill switch features monitors your internet activities. It disconnects the internet when the connection is disrupted. You don’t need to worry about this automatic disconnection because a user can quickly use it again because of its fast speed. This feature will prevent possible exposure of your IP address and other sensitive information when your VPN stops working.

  • Identity Protection 

Everyone wants to conceal their identity. iTop VPN helps you use the internet without worrying about the revelation of identity. As the VPN app encrypts your online activities, you’ll be safe from hackers and cybercrime attacks. 

  • Worldwide Free Service

Their servers are present worldwide so that you can enjoy this service regardless of your location. Finally, it provides free connections, so you can enjoy excellent features without paying a single penny. 

How to Make Your Browsing Safe and Secure with iTop VPN

  • Protect Personal Information

It’s another excellent advantage. It follows a no-log policy, so there is no risk of your personal information being tracked or sold by any company. All your sensitive information will be hidden. You can enjoy their 24/7 support to get answers to all your queries and issues either. 

Cons of iTop VPN

Currently, it doesn’t have an app for macOS. But they’re planning to make it available soon. In free version, you might experience slow speed because of overload. Other than that, it doesn’t have any obvious disadvantages. 

After reading the pros and cons of iTop VPN, you must think about to try this free VPN once. 



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