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How To Maintain A Forced Air Heating System

There are many benefits to using a forced air heater in your home. Some of these benefits include increased comfort, improved efficiency, and lower energy costs. You turn it on when you are cold and turn it off when you are warm. However, if you want to ensure that your heater is working properly and lasts as long as possible, you need to properly maintain it. In this blog post, we will discuss how to properly maintain your forced air heating system.


Replace your filter every 3 months or as often as needed.

One key part of forced air system heater maintenance is replacing the filter every few months, or more often if needed. Changing the filter regularly will keep your furnace, its heat exchanger, and its blower in good condition. You can do this as the homeowner, or you can call an HVAC technician to come to help you. The filter is typically located in the cabinet of your furnace.

You’ll want to turn off the power to the furnace at the breaker box to keep from burning yourself as you replace the filter. You can turn the filter back on after replacing everything and test it to make doubly sure that the furnace is working better. If you have any questions about how to replace the filter in your forced-air heating system, or if you need help with any other heating system maintenance tasks, please call a technician. They can perform an inspection and help you make the right choice about your furnace.

Clean your air filter every month.


If your air filter isn’t disposable, you can clean it every month or so to prevent the buildup of dirt and pollutants that can ultimately damage your furnace and raise your energy bill. To clean your air filters, first, remove them from the system. Depending on the type of filter you have, you may be able to clean it by hand or you may need to wash it in the sink. If the filter is dirty, you can use a mild detergent to clean it. Be sure to rinse the filter thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before reinstalling it.

By cleaning your air filters every month, you can help keep your heating system running smoothly and efficiently. This will save you money on energy costs and may help to prolong the life of your heating system. If your air filter is broken, you will need to call a technician who can run an inspection and tell you whether you need a new system or not.

Check for leaks in the air ducts.

Forced air heating systems aren’t immune to problems with the air ducts, so looking out for these when you clean your filters can help your heater last for a long time. If you find any leaks, you can seal them with duct tape or caulk. You should also check the condition of the insulation around the ducts and make sure it is in good condition. It is also important to keep the area around the furnace clean. Make sure no debris or dirt is blocking the airflow to the furnace. If these tips don’t fix the issue, there may be a greater issue at hand that you need to call for.

Make sure all windows and doors are sealed to prevent drafts.


Drafty windows could be costing you money and causing the indoor air quality of your home to diminish. A heater will work less efficiently if the heat is escaping from the home. Make sure all of your windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent drafts, and make sure your vents are free from obstruction.

Getting your furnace inspected regularly can prevent your hot air from becoming cool air and your heat source from becoming a cold source. These tips are not meant to replace the insight of a professional, so absolutely follow our link at the top of this article to find out more about what to do if your forced air heating system is facing issues.


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