Lighting Design: How To Transform Your Bathroom With the Flip of a Switch

In which room do you begin and end your day? Most people would answer the bathroom. This often overlooked room is an important one, as it is a multipurpose space that accommodates personal maintenance and relaxation. The design of your bathroom should be artful and intentional, especially when it comes to lighting. With poor bathroom lighting, the room won’t be very functional or pleasant to spend time in. Consider a bathroom remodel in which you can create a space with a cohesive lighting design that complements the layout, style and highlighted features of the room. Here are some ideas about how to implement lighting options to bring out the best of your bathroom.

The Cost of Remodeling

Before you begin designing your bathroom lighting, consider how extensive your bathroom remodel should be. Does the room need an entirely new layout or just some new fixtures and finishes? Lighting and ventilation only take up about 5 percent of the cost to renovate a bathroom, which averages around $11,364. While you may feel inclined to tackle this less-expensive element first, lighting design should come into play after you’ve established the layout and overall style of the room. When you’ve taken care of installing your vanity, shower and tub, then you can install new lighting. 

Vanity Lighting

The vanity requires ample and well-placed lighting, as this is the place where you need sufficient visibility for grooming tasks. A common design mistake is overhead, recessed lighting above the vanity, which creates harsh shadows on the face and doesn’t provide enough illumination. Stay away from ceiling lights, but instead install a light fixture just above the top of the mirror. The fixture should measure around 2 feet long — 4 feet if you have a double vanity — so the light is spread evenly. Vanity light fixtures cost between $70 and $300, depending on the style and materials that you choose. 

For a minimalist and contemporary look, install a fixture that has a horizontal, elongated glass casing. Alternatively, if your style is more industrial or rustic, choose a vanity bar light that has a modern-cage style accent and a weathered-iron finish.

Highlighting Your Shower + Tub 

Your tub and shower are the most eye-catching features within your bathroom. Highlight these areas with strategically placed lighting, which tends to both style and safety. Without sufficient lighting, you risk an accident in your shower or tub while hurriedly bathing. However, you may not want bright lighting for all bathing occasions. Install dimmers on your lighting so you can achieve bright illumination for quick bathing tasks and softer lighting for a relaxing atmosphere. Also use your shower and tub lights to strategically highlight their uniquely crafted elements. For example, if you have a shower with a tiled wall that deserves its own spotlight, install recessed light fixtures that are angled toward the wall. Angled lights will draw attention to the beautiful tile work that is a work of art in and of itself, making the space feel more curated and special. 

Your bathroom is a multipurpose room that can easily be transformed to meet your needs with the simple flip of a switch. Take extra care of the lighting design in this room, so you can efficiently use and enjoy all of its accommodations. At the end of your bathroom remodel, you’ll be happy that you crafted a lighting scheme that supports the use of your vanity, shower and tub. 



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