Adding Classic Decor with a Modern Touch to Your Home

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Giving your home that beautiful, classic touch isn’t as hard as you might imagine. The following are a few décor choices you can make that could create the cool aesthetic you know your home is missing.

Modern Credenza

Wireless technology, like Bluetooth, has changed what people expect from an audio system. You now have the opportunity to integrate your speakers into your home’s design in several ways. You can put audio furniture like a speaker credenza in your living room to make your living room more interesting. Years ago, credenzas were popular because they concealed a cumbersome turntable audio system, but now you can get the upgraded version.

Smart Fireplace

The fireplace has always had a classic appeal, and it makes a home look cozy. The problem is some homes don’t need the extra heat. Other people don’t want the heat to mess with their entertainment system. Well, the answer to this is a smart fireplace, which is become quite popular in recent years. These systems have mechanisms that allow the heat to be dispersed wherever you want so that it doesn’t mess with your TV or speakers.

Smart Mirrors

One classic décor option you can add to your home are mirrors. Some homeowners add beautifully designed mirrors to their homes. What you want to do is surprise your guest and yourself by adding at least one smart mirror in the middle of your glass décor. Smart mirrors are the next big thing in tech that looks like a mirror but links to the internet, social media accounts, and much more. You can take pictures with the mirror, track your fitness, and catch up with the news as you brush your teeth in the morning.

Futuristic Art

A little piece of art can make your home not only look cool but also add a touch of old school decor. Art pieces have always been great additions, but today is a new era, so make sure you consider some of the exciting forms of art sprouting up. There are a few types of art that are taking off, like kinetic artwork and interactive art. Both art types change in response to you. Some interactive art disappears depending on the angle you see it. Kinetic artwork allows you to manipulate it, which can be done by simply spinning it and it comes to life.

Vintage Games

Out of all the things you are adding to your home, you need to consider adding at least one genuine vintage item. If you haven’t decided what to add, then consider a cool vintage gaming console and a collection of games. You are already used to interacting with screens, and vintage games are just a precursor to the types of games you know. You have many first, second, and third-generation game systems to choose from, so grab one and display how cool you are because you have this classic system at home.

Adding these décor touches to your home should help you achieve that old school aesthetic you are hoping for. You can talk to an interior designer if you want some additional ideas. They are trained to work with you to bring out the best look.




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