How to Make House Comfortable For Children and Seniors At Home

Many a times, you must have got the feeling to put a sign ‘Baby on Board’ at the door of your house just like you do with your cars. The staunch desire to make everything perfect extends for the senior members of the family too. People of these age groups, i.e. kids and elderly need lot of attention and also require safe environs for worry-free living. Here is how you can improve your house to make it safer for kids and seniors at the house.

a. Remote controlled gadgets for seniors

Some people at old age find it difficult to roam around freely. A variety of medical conditions makes their life difficult and their physical agility is lost as a result. Keeping gadgets that can be controlled remotely can save lot of unwanted efforts and help elders manage many components of their routine on their own. These days home automation solutions are in high demand only because of this reason. These voice recognition based input devices can be connected with other devices like lighting systems, fans, air conditioners etc and the working of these devices can be managed just by a command.

b. Cable railing as boundary for stairs and balconies

Cable railing is working as a nice solution for securing the boundaries of spaces like staircases and balconies. The gap between the rails and the height, etc. is regulated by the State building codes. These codes are designed keeping the safety of inmates in mind.

Cable railings are to be selected while keeping these points in mind:

  1. Top rail strength

The kids and elders tend to lean on rails while standing at balconies or climbing downs the stairs. Thus, the top rail strength should be chosen keeping their safety in mind. State code recommends strength of 20lbs per foot of linear length.

2. Top rail

Top rails can be of metal like stainless steel or wooden. If the wooden top rail is chosen, it needs to be strengthened further with a layer of steep railing beneath the top rail.

3. Posts height

The main purpose of the railing is to provide security to the area where it is installed. Thus, its height should be supportive of the fact. Square posts and top round floors make great combination for cable railings. These provide strength and safety and look awesome too.

c. Automated thermostats and air conditioners

It is quite necessary to maintain optimal temperatures inside so that the situations like heat stroke or cold attack can be avoided. Thus, setting the gadgets on auto mode; so that these shut off on their own is important. Automated devices equipped with the self-stop feature are ideal when the inmates are babies and elders.

Taking care of food and health does not alone suffice when the people in question are largely dependent on us. Thus, to make the house helpful in the endeavor, you need to make changes. Bring the changes mentioned above and buy yourself the peace and also the safety for your loved ones.



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  • May 3, 2019 at 5:07 am

    This is super advice. I do think Automated thermostats and air conditioners is such a great idea also.


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