8 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive without Spending a Lot

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Making a house feel more like a home is a continuous process every homeowner has to go through. Making it look more presentable and aesthetically pleasing is an entirely different story. Don’t worry! There are easy tips for making your home look more expensive without breaking the bank.

Decide on a Theme

One noticeable feature of expensive homes is the overarching theme that goes with the interior. A theme adds a sense of harmony to a home that can make a lasting good impression on anyone who visits. However, this does not mean panting all corners of the house with the same color. Rather, it’s about adding a common denominator to bring the look and feel of each room together.

Dispose of Old Belongings through Selling

Now that a theme has been identified, it’s time to get rid of things that don’t cohere with the desired look and feel. Set up an online shop to make it easier for you to sell your items. This will make decluttering less wasteful, and it’s an excellent opportunity to earn a little extra income you can use for the rest of the makeover. Make sure to mark items that have damages so that buyers will know what to expect. At the same time, items that are barely used can sell at much higher prices, depending on their quality.

Play with Textiles

Most interior designers will say that the best way to spruce up a dull room is through great pillows. Instead of overspending on fancy pillows and pillowcases, invest in different textiles found in local fabric stores. Avoid settling for one look, and play around with different textures to add more fun to the living space or bedroom.

When it comes to curtains, make sure that they hit the floor to create an illusion of a higher ceiling and to avoid them appearing like store-bought. Create your own by picking a sheer cotton fabric, and have it tailored according to the windows’ dimensions. Customized always feel luxurious.

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Create Accents Using Color

Nothing can make walls look better than a fresh, new paint job. Choose from the brightest or most inviting color on the chosen palette that goes with the theme of the hose. Use this hue to paint one side of a room to act as an accent wall.

The same can be done with home decor pieces. Add a splash of gold or brass in decor items on shelves or coffee tables to make them look more sophisticated.

Add More Life to Any Space Using Plants

Plants can literally and figuratively breathe new life into any part of the house. Choose plants that are easy to take care of and do not require much sunlight to thrive. Purchase pots from the local home-goods store, and give them a little revamp using spray paint. You can also opt for baskets to add a little rustic touch.

Decorate with Art

There’s no better way to make a space look more expensive than with art. Go to the nearest thrift store or craft market, and scout for artworks to hang on the wall. Spice them up a bit by altering frames found in local bookstores with metallic paint.

If there’s no thrift store around, there are plenty of art pieces online available for printing. Just make sure that the artist allows redistribution of their own work.

Update Old Fixtures

The new fixtures don’t have to be expensive; just make sure that they match the look and feel of the room. If there’s no available design suitable to the theme, purchase the ones that look more similar to your desired look, and change their look using spray paint.

Put Up More Mirrors

Make small rooms look bigger through mirrors. Scour the local thrift store to find a nice vintage mirror to revamp.

Larger standing mirrors look more expensive and are more aesthetically pleasing. Locate a focal point in the room, and angle mirrors toward it to create the illusion of depth. This can also help bounce off and distribute light all over each room. For an added touch, place a mirror in front of the windows to reflect the outdoors.

Ultimately, making your home look more presentable doesn’t have to cost so much. All that are needed are a good eye for detail and a splash of creativity to get that million-dollar look.





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