Best Ways to Say Sorry to your Lover

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Making mistakes and hurting your partner’s feelings is unavoidable in any relationship. However, apologizing and asking for forgiveness for those mistakes is what keeps the relationship going. While you can apologize through word of mouth there are better ways to express how sorry you are to your partner and pass a stronger message than the ones carried in a text message or a phone call. In this article, we will look at the best ways to say sorry to your lover.


Make use of sticky notes

When it is hard to face your partner and tell them how sorry you are, sticky notes can be of significant help. You can write the reasons you love them and how much they mean to you and stick the notes in conspicuous places such as the kitchen and bathroom. If you are sincere on the notes, they will surely forgive you due to the gesture of asking apologizing uniquely.

Handwritten letter

In the past, letters were used as the main form of communication before the digital error simplified it. Today, when letters are used, they symbolize a higher degree of seriousness. To take it a notch higher, prepare a handwritten letter and give it to your partner or place somewhere easy for them to find it. Taking time to handwrite a love letter shows your lover how much they mean to you and is a great way to ask for forgiveness.

Buy them a gift

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Buying a gift for your lover is one of the best ways to apologize. There are any ideas you can use to find the perfect gift for your lover as a way of saying sorry. For example, you can buy them something they have admired for a long time or an item that they wouldn’t mind having over and over.

You can also customize the gift package with a love message to express your feelings for them. The gift should be offered immediately through avenues such as Giving a gift to your partner is a step closer to your forgives since there it’s hard to resist a present that means a lot to you.

Surprise them with flowers

Flowers often symbolize love and affection. When you send favorite flowers to your partner, you lighten their mood and assure your love for them. You can also send a card alongside the flowers with a short text about how sorry you are and let them know how you value them. You can choose to send them for delivery or hand them over yourself.

Assist in certain tasks 

Apologizing through actions is better than using words. If you live with your partner, you can decide to assist in certain tasks that you don’t often undertake. Assisting in the laundry, keeping the house clean are some of the tasks you can help to symbolize a sorry state. Taking these speak louder than your words could ever do. It also helps in preparing the atmosphere for apologizing through words.




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