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How To Minimize Mold In The Bathroom

There’s nothing quite so uninviting as a shower or a bath that’s ringed with black mold. After all, you’re going into the bathroom to get clean, and you can’t do that when you feel as though the room you’re in is dirty!

Mold is also bad for your health; breathing in black mold can negatively affect your health, impacting your airways and causing coughing and sneezing. With mold, the best thing is to stop it from building up in the first place because it can be hard to get rid of once it’s taken root.


Adequate heating

Moisture is often caused by condensation, which occurs when warmer air meets a cold surface. That’s why you see condensation on your windows so often in the winter, the window becomes cold because it is exposed to the outside air, but the temperature in your home is warm.

Moisture is a breeding ground for mold, which is why you see it so often around windows and in bathrooms. It’s important that you minimize condensation wherever possible to stop mold from forming, and in your bathroom, that means keeping your room adequately heated.

Modern bathroom radiators are often larger and always more efficient than older radiators, which means that they do a much better job of keeping the room warm. If your home has an old heating system, it’s well worth investing in an upgrade to make things warmer and toastier for you and to help keep mold at bay.

Proper ventilation

Moisture gathers in bathrooms because we’re using water in them all of the time, so it’s important that your bathroom is properly ventilated to allow the moisture to escape. Ensure that your bathroom has adequate ventilation for the size of the room. The larger the room, the more ventilation you will need.

It’s also important that you always run the extractor fan whenever you have a bath or a shower, and ideally for 30 minutes afterward.

Open the windows

Ventilation is important, but it doesn’t always quite do the job, especially if you’ve had a particularly long hot bath or shower and created a lot of steam! One of the simplest measures you can take to avoid mold in your bathroom is to open the window after you have a shower or bath. The warm air will be drawn outside by the wind, and the different temperatures will force an air exchange, so the damp air will disperse.

Keep an eye out

If you see any mold spots in your bathroom, it’s important that you clean them up straight away to stop them from spreading. Soap and water won’t cut it when it comes to mold. To clean mold effectively, use a bleach solution to scrub the area (one part bleach to three parts water). Once you’ve got rid of the visible mold, make a mixture of half white vinegar and half baking soda to spray on the area – this will address the roots.

It is possible to minimize how much mold you get and even banish it from your bathroom, but make sure to always be on the lookout just in case.





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