How Can You Pronounce Pecan and Where to Find the Best Ones Online?     

Pecans are nutritious and delicious. They are incredible sources of potassium, calcium, and magnesium and are found mainly in the southern areas of the US. The use of pecans goes beyond dessert. Creative chefs and home cooks even use them to enhance simple mash potato dishes, stir-fries, cheese spreads, and other savories. 

Additionally, pecan nuts offer plenty of health benefits. They can help lower unhealthy cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. From ice creams to stuffed mushrooms, pecans can make almost anything taste extra good. 

The nut also contains high vitamin levels and low carb levels. However, despite the tremendous popularity of this nut, not many Americans know how to pronounce pecan correctly.  

How to Pronounce Pecan

The opinion over how to say the word “pecan” is polarized. However, contrary to popular belief, the right way to say the word pecan is not “pee can’ but “puh khan.” While this may seem like a less refined pronunciation, a simple exploration of the word’s history and the nut will reveal that it is the correct one. 

Over 70% of Americans still refer to the nut as “pee can” instead of “puh khan.” However, even the Merriam-Webster dictionary pronounces the “pecan” as “puh khan.” 

The word comes from the Native American word “pakani,” which later evolved into the American-French word “pacane.” Regardless of how you pronounce the word, it is essential to source your nuts from the best suppliers. 

Finding the best Pecans Online

Pecans are nutty, sweet, and crunchy. Check for ripeness, age, dryness, and quality when buying pecans online. Finding the best pecans online can be more challenging than shopping for them physically. 

Inspect the Color

Ask the online pecan supplier for pictures of the pecans. If you want fresh pecans, look for light-colored nuts. Dark brown pecans are usually old and rancid. Additionally, dark-colored pecans may taste bitter.  

The best quality pecans will have a golden brown to a light brown color. It may be challenging to inspect and verify the color of pecans from website listings. Choose a top-rated, trusted online seller who does not post misleading information or pictures. 

You may also want to check if the pecans have a green husk on them. Pecans with broken shells or green husks on them are not ready yet. 

Find the Age of the Pecans

Pecans have a shelf life of three months post-shelling. You can store these pecans at room temperature. Check the online product description to know the dates of packing and expiry. Pecans are usually widely available during the holiday season between October and December. 

Buy From a Farm or Farmers Community

Several advanced farms now sell the best quality pecans online. Farm-grown pecans receive the best care and farmers with experience growing them know the best times to pick them. 

Also, check the farm’s reputation and ensure they have lots of positive reviews and high ratings. Regular customers may also be eligible for discounts on fresh, carefully grown pecans.


Final Thought

Pecans are available online in several forms. Fresh roasted pecans are the best for cooking and baking. Candied, chocolate-coated, and praline-coated pecans make great snacks. 


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