How to Choose the Best Amalfi Coast Private Tours?

If Italy is your next summer holiday destination, visiting the scenic coastal stretch of Amalfi should be on your bucket list. The 50-kilometer-long Amalfi coast is home to breathtaking architecture and beautiful cliff-top resorts and villages.

The Mediterranean UNESCO heritage is a paradise on earth. Choosing a private tour gives you the option of customizing your trip to suit your schedule and travel plans. Selecting the best Amalfi coast private tours can help you connect with and experience Italian culture closely.


How to Select the Best Amalfi Coast Private Tour?

One of the interesting facts about this island place is that the Amalfi Coast villages were built over 150 years. Some of them are as old as 750 years now.

Here are a few tips that can help you select the best Amalfi coast private tours.

Select the Best Way to Get Around the Amalfi Coast

There are two ways to arrange a private visit to the Amalfi coast.

Hire a Ferry: You can book private boat trips to connect across several coast towns around the beautiful city.

Rent a Car: You can drive in a luxury car along the coast for a spectacular view of the beaches. You can also choose to explore some of the ancient villages on the island.

Private guided tours offer to pick and drop from the airport along with luggage transfers.

Check Out the Places That are Covered

Amalfi coast private tours offer specific itineraries which can be customizable. The main tourist attractions in this guided tour are Naples, Amalfi coastal drive, and Pompeii.

Pompeii is the world’s leading archeological heritage declared by UNESCO. You can also enjoy the best pizza in Italy in Naples.

The underground city, Napoli Sotterranea, is a must-visit place in this historical center. You can also visit the elegant islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida.

Sorrento is a famous seaside town in the coastal region of Amalfi. It is known for its lemon groves. You can taste the best lemon liquor in this area.

You should check the itineraries of different travel agencies and select the one that offers a memorable trip.

Choose Your Local Guide

Selecting the best local guide for your private tour will help you overcome the language barriers. They can help you understand the cultural differences and make your tour comfortable.

Check Out the Accommodation

Boutique hotels in Positano offer the best red wine in Italy. You can select the best-rated accommodation to enjoy your stay in some of the iconic villages along the coastal area of Amalfi. These hotels are handpicked and offer premium quality service to customers.

Check the Dining Options Included in the Tour Package

A local guided tour package will include food and dining options at authentic restaurants. They will ensure you taste some of the best, lip-smacking local dishes of Amalfi.

Selecting a private guided tour is the safest option to travel in an unknown country. The privacy and security of the travelers are most important in a private tour.

You can customize the tailor-made travel plans of private tours to suit your requirement. Choosing a reputed travel agency in Italy to book a private Amalfi coastal tour for your next trip is advisable.


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