Things to Follow While Making A Trip to Mumbai

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Mumbai is an international tourist destination that is well-known for its history, culture, and other things. In fact, it is a dream location for people who want to get high-paid jobs and set-up businesses. The city is a popular one for stock market buildings, Bollywood, amazing beaches, and temples. It is home to some world-heritage sites approved by UNESCO which attracts several visitors from different parts of the world. Moreover, it never disappoints anyone when they like to visit the city.

However, those who want to make a trip to the city should plan everything including hotel accommodation for creating the best memories. The best hotels near Mumbai domestic airport are closer to important places in the city that allow tourists to visit them easily. Apart from that, they even cover outstanding amenities for guests enabling them to schedule their trip accordingly. Another thing is that they provide methods to plan a vacation with family and others without any difficulties.

Important places to visit in Mumbai

  1. Rajabai Clock Tower 

Rajabai Clock Tower is one of the must-see monuments in Mumbai because it holds a big clock which plays melodic tunes at fixed intervals. Furthermore, it has many impressive features and has been beautifully designed with attractive figures. The clock stands in Mumbai University Fort Campus in South Mumbai provides more excitement to visitors when they visit the monument.

  1. St. Thomas Cathedral

St. Thomas Cathedral stands as one of the significant landmarks in Mumbai. The cathedral which was built in 1718 is the first Anglican Church which invites large number of people from various parts of the city. Besides that, the cathedral represents peace allowing visitors to get relief from several problems. It has Neo-classical and Non-Gothic styles with a white façade. Furthermore, the interiors of the cathedral mirror resemble St. Thomas Cathedral ion Ireland. The interiors are well-decorated with high-quality materials dedicated to the late British parishioners.

  1. Powai Lake 

Powai Lake is an artificial one located in Powai on the outskirts of Mumbai. It is an ideal spot for visitors to calm down their mind from the busy lifestyle. Tourists who want to enjoy the nature in a peaceful environment should consider visiting the lake when they visit Mumbai city.

  1. Jehangir Art Gallery

Jehangir Art Gallery located at Kala Ghoda is one of the finest places to visit in Mumbai because it serves as a centre for national and international contemporary arts. The gallery also hosts art shows by local artists that invite a lot of tourists every year.

  1. Worli Seaface

Worli Seaface in Mumbai features scenic surroundings that allow tourists to access the beauty of Arabian Sea and Haji Ali Dargah. In addition, it is also a place to a number of significant attractions that make the place a popular one among tourists.

  1. Global Vipassana Pagoda 

Global Vipassana Pagoda is one of the must-see attractions in Mumbai. It is a large meditation complex built in order to honour Lord Buddha. The prominent highlight of this shrine is that it has the largest pillar dome. Also, the tower is about 325 feet which can accommodate more than 8000 people at a time. It even depicts the Burmese architectural styles that add beauty to the shrine.

Travel tips to Mumbai 

  1. Mumbai is an expensive city in the world and travelers should plan their trip which fits their bills. This will help a lot to create the best memories on a tour.
  2. Tourists should consider the city from November to March because it will become hot during April and May. The monsoon session will start from June and travelers have to experience heavy downpours up to October.
  3. Hindi, Marathi, and English are the languages spoken in Mumbai allowing tourists to communicate with local people easily.
  4. There are many banks and foreign exchange counters which allow tourists to exchange their currency at the present market rates.
  5. Mumbai is well-known for its leading restaurants and visitors can know more about them in detail from different sources.
  6. Travelers should consider drinking a water bottle because tap water may cause severe harm to them.
  7. Although Mumbai is a safe city for traveling, it is advisable not to travel alone in areas that are having high crime rates.
  8. Both domestic and international tourists should carry a copy of important documents when they travel to important places.
  9. It is advisable for the tourists not to travel in local crowded trains and places to avoid unwanted problems.
  10. Mumbai is famous for famous malls and street shops that allow visitors to buy a variety of things at the best prices.
  11. Tourists should avoid eating street foods because they may lead to stomach pains and other problems.
  12. Travelers should take care of their personal belongings including documents when they travel to important places in the city.
  13. Mumbai has a good public transportation network and tourists can utilize them for travel purposes.
  14. The city is well-known for its night lifestyle enabling tourists to enjoy a party with others to experience more satisfaction.

Where to stay in Mumbai?

Mumbai has world-class hotels allowing tourists to ensure a better accommodation. At the same time, not everyone can afford them, and they should select a hotel which exactly fits their budgets and needs. The hotels near Mumbai domestic airport are close to important destinations in the city and tourists can reach them as soon as possible. Budget hotels are also available near Mumbai domestic airport allowing tourists to enjoy their trip with family and others.

Anyone who wants to know more about hotels should search for the details online for planning a trip depending on their needs. There are several websites which cover the information of hotels with prices and one can compare them easily for making the right decision. However, it is necessary to follow the instructions properly when they like to book a hotel online which ultimately gives ways to make a memorable trip.





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