5 Fascinating Cities to Visit with Alamo Rent a Car

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Are you looking for inspiration for your USA journey? We are here to reveal to you the fascinating cities to attend. The list we get stands on the location, historical background, different activities you can do, and Alamo services to rent a car. Thus, come along!




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Get a closer look at Jacksonville, the northmost and most highly populated city in the state. Due to its location, heavy winds do not blow here as much as in other Floridian towns. That is important because you can come and do not wait for a tornado there. Statistics say that there was only one case of that disaster in the last two hundred years. Have some rest on Jax Beach to the east of the city center. In addition, Jacksonville manages the largest urban park system in the United States. It provides facilities and services at more than 337 locations on more than 80,000 acres throughout the city. The parks offer access to boating, swimming, jet-skiing, kayaking, fishing, sailing, and surfing. Thus, you will not be bored of museums and architectural landmarks.

That is a great location as long as you can devote the entire weekend to Jacksonville. Alternatively, the city can be a start point for your further road trip across Florida! That state attracts tourists with natural wonders, ocean shores, and numerous amusement parks. That is handy to have a rental car here. You may do it at the airport. Distances between main cities are not huge and take on average 3 hours. Thus, you can surely use public transportation or planes. However, you may find Alamo rental car locations everywhere to pick up wheels and drop them off.



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Come to discover Indianapolis, one of the young cities in the USA. Founders built it in 1819, although it has a rich history. That is the capital of Indiana state with a huge population that tends to a million residents. It is a wise choice to travel with Alamo Rent a Car there. Install the car rental app to see the locations and preorder easily on the go.

You will be one time to visit all the seven districts. Those are a mixture of cultural attractions, historical landmarks, and monuments. All of them possess charm. For example, the central zone may be called luxurious and aristocratic. Besides, five of the seven areas are there. Before you gear up for a trip, devote some time to getting acquainted with them. Read on the history of Indiana Avenue and Fountain Square. Then, look for the cafes and galleries of Broad Ripple Village. Know about Lockerbie Square, the block with 19-century buildings in the heart of Indianapolis. Yet, you will see skyscrapers on the next corner. When you are there, take a walk along White River State Park. On its exit, you will see the Indianapolis Central Library. That is a modern and audacious building. You will fall in love with that!

The good news is that you can park your car at the cheapest parking sites, the further from the center the better. Then, enjoy the views and beauty of Indianapolis by going to the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. That is an 8-mile route covered with tinted concrete pavers. It associates six districts of Indianapolis with one another. The urbanistic elements, signs, lighting, and cans throughout the trail make the city look visually united. Besides, Indianapolis hosts large-scale automobile competitions, Indy-500, and American Formula-1.



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Head to the next destination in the wild west, Dallas. After arriving, go to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport or Dallas Love Field Airport for an Alamo car rental. Explore the largest banking and financial center in the Southwest of the country. It is the center of the advertising business and the oil industry. There are a lot of activities. You may attend diverse shopping centers or spend time learning how Dallas influenced pop culture. One can describe the surrounding area as flat land located between 140 and 170 meters above sea level. Rare hills reach 350 meters in height.

White Lake is another water attraction in Dallas. Paddlers, cyclists, skateboarders, and other vacationers love the lake and the neighboring park. There is also a 66-acre Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden on the lakeshore.

This city tends to the future and has retained only one piece of land, where he collected evidence of his past – the Old City Park. Walk along with the restored Victorian houses, old log cabins, and a railway station. Stop in front of an orchestra stage to imagine old music. There is a mansion in the neo-Greek style of 1855 too.

Be aware of forecasts when you plan a trip. In spring, the cold front moving out of Canada collides with warm, moist air masses coming from the Gulf of Mexico. When these fronts meet over Dallas, a violent storm sets in with a spectacular show of lightning, rainstorms, hail, and often tornadoes.

San Jose

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Who plans a journey with Alamo USA and never goes to California? Right, everyone has to attend this state. You can start either from the south, in San Diego, or from the northern San Hose. The latter is the first Californian settlement of Mexican colonists and is the so-called capital of Silicon Valley. However, up to 1950, San Jose was a farm center with the largest center for fruit preservation and dried fruit packaging. Later on, it transformed into a high-tech center. Due to that, San Jose has begun another boom in population growth. The rapid development of computer companies has led to investments in the city.

Most of the attractions of San Jose relate to the nature of the city and its surrounding areas. Visit a zoo, a Japanese garden, a botanical garden, and a historical museum in Kelly Park.

San Jose has a large number of museums and galleries. Check the hands-on exhibits at the Discovery Museum. Then attend the Egyptian Museum, a city planetarium, and a textile museum, one of the few of its kind in the United States.

San Jose has many lakes and reservoirs that host competitions in sailing, water skiing, and windsurfing. You will like them even if you will be tanning on the shore!



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Last but not least, the point on your map is Washington state. Seatle is very close to the border with Canada, in the northwestern United States. It is well-known because of its emerald waterline and unique combination of ocean and mountains. Walking down the streets of Seattle, you will see majestic mountain peaks in the distance. There is an array of the Olympic Mountains to the west and the Cascades to the east.

The climate in Seattle is maritime, in its type reminiscent of the Mediterranean. It tastes like fresh seafood already taken from the ocean. Like any venerable port city, the busiest place in Seattle is the waterfront. Fish restaurants, fish stands, and ship vendors have populated the shores of Eliot’s Bay, along with parks and the Seattle Aquarium. Moreover, Seatle hosts the main production workshops of the Boeing Corporation. You can walk there and see the aircraft museum.

What a wonderful list we got! It looks like you need a teleport skill to go from one location to another, but with a clever itinerary and professional services, you manage it. Plan your trip for at least two weeks, find reasonable prices and tickets, and nothing will stop you! Have a great time!


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