What is the best way to keep track of employee attendance?

Effective time management is key for all business owners. Due to the large number of scheduled appointments with different clients and your own team, you need to establish a good organization. Otherwise, you will feel that you are not successful enough in business, you will not have enough time for work tasks, and you will probably forget some of them.

All this has a very negative impact on work, causes stress and creates personal problems. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the presence of employees, as well as their engagement. Neat records will motivate your employees and make them more productive. There are some great ways to do this.

Time Tracking Software & Apps

Thanks to the advanced features provided by this tools, you can increase the efficiency of employees. They will have the opportunity to analyze each segment of their working day. For example, they can gain a better insight into their research by knowing how much time they spend collecting data. This will help them organize themselves better, try new approaches, etc. Your employees can sometimes spend a lot of time on certain work tasks without being aware of it. Burnout at work is very bad for employees, because it means that the balance between business and private life is endangered. A person needs a break in order to be mentally charged and continue to work on top efficiency.

Of course, employee time tracking software will help you evaluate the workflow of the team. You can now follow all meetings, projects and other events. This is an opportunity to look for gaps in the business that should be filled. Task analysis allows you to use internal resources evenly, as well as a simplified salary calculation process. This is a perfect way to establish better financial supervision, because you get high visibility. Lastly, with the help of software, you can maintain the best performance of employees without paying for training.

Best Employee Time Tracking tool

If you want to take full advantage of Employee Attendance Tracker, you need to choose only reliable time tracking tools. In that case, consider Buddy Punch, as it’s a great way to make your staff more responsible. One of its features is IP address locking, which means that they will not be able to hide your location from you. An alternative is Geofencing, and there is the option to set up GPS location recording and reporting, which is very useful if you have field staff.

Alternative ways of monitoring employees

If you don’t like the software solution, you can always use a punch card. Employees put the card in the reader and thus track the time of entry and exit. However, the disadvantage of this method is that you can’t get predictable employee behavior. Using key cards is another popular alternative. Cards are quick to swipe, but also easy to forget. In such a situation, manual input is necessary, which orders the efficiency of the system. The free solution is Excel or a template that calculates everything for you. This method is very risky, because manual monitoring of employees often leads to poor records.


Many large organizations use these apps to keep track of staff working hours, but also to create invoices and payrolls more easily. In addition, they get better control over projects and work tasks. The consequences of such an organization are better performance of employees, greater motivation and economical spending of time.


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