Hair Tips for Busy Moms

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These days, being a mom is synonymous with being busy. Undoubtedly, it’s likely always been that way – even in times when you didn’t have to worry about getting the little ones to dance or soccer practice after school, going to your own job, making sure dinner’s ready and trying to find time to look after yourself. After all, looking good is an important marker of mental and physical health, since you do everything better when you’re feeling confident.


This post, in particular, will focus on hair care tips that put a premium on your time – without sacrificing effectiveness.

1. Consider Using Lotion on Your Hair

The fact is, body lotion has an undeniable moisturizing and protective effect. It can work just as well on your hair as it does on your body. It provides an aesthetic enhancement, too: just take about a teaspoonful of lotion and massage it into the ends of your hair. There’s no need to massage it into your scalp – in fact, this isn’t advisable – just use it to soften and smooth the ends for a polished appearance. Depending on the lotion you use, it can confer a dazzling smell, too.

2. Style While Drying

This, more than anything else, is about saving time without compromising the end result. The usual method is to first dry your hair and then style it; but you can kill two birds with one stone by investing in a Conair Infiniti Styling Brush (or similarly effective brand). You can have those attractive curls in just five minutes with this volume-adding hair tool.

3. Get Creative With a Sock

You probably did a double-take when you read that – what does a sock have to do with hair-care? Well, specifically, one of the many loose socks you’ve almost certainly got laying around the home can be used to tie up your bun. This is the quintessentially utilitarian hairstyle that still conveys a sense of care and, when paired with the right hairdo, beauty. Grab one of the mismatched pairs of socks you have and tuck in the ends to create a colorful piece of useful cloth.

4. Condition With Coconut Oil

If you’ve never deep-conditioned; now is the time to try it and see the wonderful effects it has on your hair. Deep conditioning treatments with a substance such as coconut oil penetrates right down to your follicles and renders the entire strand of hair smooth and soft. This means your hair will be much harder to break and fall out – especially in the cold winter air.


For best results, massage the oil into your scalp, and let it sit there for up to three hours while you go about your busy morning. Alternatively, you can put the oil in before bed (this is why you need silk pillow cases) and then wash it out when you wake up for a truly deep condition. There are other great conditioners, of course; alter the method described here to match the directions on the bottle.

5. A Different Approach to Drying

Short on time? Well then, try the hands-free drying method. This one is simple, and just requires toilet paper and a hair dryer; construct a pyramid using a roll of toilet paper. By putting the roll over your dryer, you can free up your hands for other simple tasks. At the very least, now you don’t have to put on makeup after you’re done drying – just do it during the process!

6. Shampoo Tips

Shampooing in the morning can take longer than you plan; you need to let it sit for awhile, after all. Here’s an idea: put some dry shampoo in your hair before bed (much like the coconut oil treatment), and then wash it out when you wake up. You can save up 20-30 minutes this way – which is a big deal for a busy mom.

Alternatively, you can also choose to skip the shampoo and simply wash about 50% of your hair in the sink (the hair roots are the most important). Blow drying will take a lot less time afterwards, and you can be on your way in half the time it usually takes – shorter, in most cases.

7. The Wonders of Baby Powder

Are you even more short on time than usual? Skip washing your hair or shampooing this morning, and massage some baby powder into the roots of your hair. Long hair, especially, appreciates this tip when time is short. The baby powder will negate much of the excess oiliness at the roots, while also conferring a nice scent.

By finding the tips that work best for you, and using them together, you’ll be surprised at how much more time you find in the life of a busy mom. Always remember to keep your hair texture and history in mind when styling it; different hair types require different types of care. If you happen to have natural hair, you might find this list of winter care tips helpful: Hair Care Tips for Winter-Ready Natural Hair. Hopefully these become a part of your routine.



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