How to Teach Kids to Recycle

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If children are the future, then you have to safeguard and better the world that they are set to inherit. As such, it is imperative to not only teach them the core values of taking care of the environment but also involve them in the measures taken in protecting the environment.

There is no better time like now to get your entire family involved in energy conservation and recycling among other numerous sustainable habits, especially as a new year approaches.

Take Responsibility for the Next Generation

Both educators and parents can take great strides to engage and educate children in sustainability matters. The best approach is to begin by making young learners know more about how their everyday activities can boost or harm the environment. It’s very important that you clearly illustrate to them that their daily actions affect the environment, and teach them various ways that they can reduce waste.

One of the best methods of instilling environmental awareness is to raise children who love the outdoors. Kids who play outside are likely to grow into adults who can make environmentally sound decisions. Also, gifting your kids with a liking for the outdoors (as opposed to spending all their time watching TV or indoors) can help trigger an interest in sustainability. (Maybe a metal detector could be the Secret Santa gift they need to jumpstart it!)

Give Teens Environmental Responsibility

Some teenagers aren’t very passionate about taking part in environmental action. But humans have a moral responsibility to improve the world; or at the very least, to make it better than they found it at birth. Most people, teens included, get overwhelmed by the sheer size of environmental problems. This causes them to lose focus on the fact that progress mainly depends on the small steps taken every day. Give teens the chance to be leaders in the pursuit of environmental action. Make them aware of the fact that the waste they create harms our planet.

Encourage “Taking Ownership” of Waste

Regardless of the level of the recycling learning process that your kids are in, there are numerous fun techniques to get them engaged in recycling and waste reduction at home.

Allow them to select a fun reusable water bottle from a department store like Walmart that they will use instead of purchasing bottled water. Choosing a personalized style enables children and some adults to gain a sense of ownership, especially over their preferred sustainable choice. Let them take part in sorting out recyclables.

Set a Good Example

Try challenging yourself to reduce waste at home. Start by setting an objective to help you see if you can minimize the amount of trash that your family produces on a weekly basis. As a baseline, weigh your trash. Then, start reusing, recycling, or even shopping smarter to reduce the amount of waste that you throw out.



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