A Good Plumber Is Worth Every Cent

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You’ve heard phrases similar to “a good plumber is hard to find” or “an honest plumber is worth every penny.” These phrases take on life and real meaning when we’re faced with a flooded basement, a pipe bursts in the bathroom in the middle of the night, or the water heater goes out in the morning as you’re preparing for a shower before an important meeting. This is when you need a service provider who provides over-the-top customer service and exceptional knowledge. These encounters are when a plumber has the chance to shine as a hero.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is one of those services. They excel in product technology and fresh, reliable service to tackle any problem. You can turn to them for all your plumbing needs. Knowledge to evaluate a problem and determine a course of action to meet the needs of the client are what make a business remarkable. It’s more than just showing up. It’s taking that extra step empathizing with the problem faced and providing a solution that exceeds customer expectations.

Plumbing is a highly skilled and specialized service that became prominent in the Persian, Babylonian and Roman Empires where lead was used to create pipes to fill and drain bathhouses, transfer water along aqueducts and rooftop water systems, and to cover rooftops. Plumber is a word derived from Latin meaning lead. A plumber was one who worked with lead. As pipes were originally developed using lead to transport water, the term remained for modern day plumbers.

Of course, the job of plumbers has greatly increased and expanded over the years. Plumbers work to create and maintain public waterworks and sewage systems. They design and install complex systems for commercial, industrial, resort & hotel complexes, and our residences.

We know them as the heroes we call when we experience problems at home. These remarkable professionals go through years of training and apprenticeship to become licensed and certified to meet our service needs. They must learn to read schematics, determine where pipes are laid, how they integrate through walls, floors and underground to find leaks and make repairs.

It may seem easy at times, but do you know the proper pipe size to use, the proper connections and joints, how to use water traps, which lines are for incoming water and which are outflow, or how the systems integrate. Plumbers direct the flow of water, differentiate between cold and heated lines, and direct sewage. This can become a daunting problem for many of us. We sometimes complain of costs, but we are paying for the timely knowledge a professional plumber has accumulated to provide quality service.

In the example of the hot water going out before showering for an important meeting or event, modern plumbers have training and experience in new technologies. In this plumbing problem, a water heater tank probably had sediment build-up causing the water heater tank to quit working. If we had consulted a plumber for regular check-ups in advance, the problem could have been detected early and a new tank installed, or better yet, a less expensive instant water heater system could have been installed providing hot water on demand.

Wikipedia explains that pipes bursting are usually the cause of improper water pressure and/or aging pipes. Having a plumber conduct tests in advance could have determined this problem in advance and been resolved by installing regulators or possibly laying sections of newer reliable piping in advance. This would save time and cost. We think of exceptional service to be fixing a problem after the fact, but fail to realize it is often the over-the-top experience and knowledge used to its full advantage that corrects a problem before it exists.

Plumbers are highly trained and qualified professionals. Don’t wait for the unexpected problems that may arise. Periodically take advantage of their expertise to review your systems in advance. You will find this often saves you money in the long term and may even present you with inexpensive new technologies to simplify your life at great savings. Every household should have the name of a reputable plumber like Alpine Plumbing and Rooter San Dimas on their books.



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