5 Signs to Act fast Against Drug or Alcohol Abuse at Home

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We all want to have a safe and healthy home, one that’s free from serious diseases and drug or alcohol abuse. However, even the best efforts and initiatives at home will not work because of things and influences beyond our control. Just take the case of drug and alcohol abuse which is considered as a serious health problem in different countries around the world. Although parents will make serious efforts to guide and protect their kids at home, the protection is challenged as soon as they step outside to face the real world and interact with their peers.

So what should a parent do in the face of these challenges? Well, as a responsible parent, it’s best that you are prepared and should be aware of possible signs that may indicate that your kids are in serious trouble, or attempting to experiment with illegal substances. To help protect the well being of your kids, we list down some of the signs that should tell you that your children might be at risk or if they are involved in using these prohibited substances.

  1. You noticed a sudden change in their appearance, or they abruptly change their circle of friends.

You need to pay attention to their appearance and their circle of friends. We are not referring to a one specific change in behavior, like suddenly changing his musical taste or choice of partner. But if you noticed that your kid suddenly hangs out with different friends for a long period of time, then that’s a problem that should be addressed immediately.

  1. There’s a sudden increase in domestic violence at home.

According to a number of researches, most domestic violence incidents are linked to alcohol or drug abuse. In fact, both domestic violence and addiction are known to share a few characteristics. For example, both are known for the loss of control, the behavior often leads to negative consequences and both conditions are often associated with shame or denial. Some domestic violence incidents are manageable, which means that the members of the household can easily address these with proper help and communication. However, if the violence has become serious, then that’s the time you should solicit the help of domestic violence defense lawyers in your area. They are the specialists of the field and they can provide the right guidance and can represent you or any member of the family in court or other legal proceedings.

  1. Your kid suddenly uses words or language that you can’t understand.

Individuals who are hooked on these substances are known to create certain slang to avoid detection. Have you noticed words or phrases like triple Cs or Dex or other strange words? If yes, then this change in language should be a cause for concern. According to experts, parents should be aware of the unique language in the industry.

  1. Medicine bottles disappear faster than usual.

According to some researches, nearly 3.1 million Americans with ages 12 to 25 have tried to use cold medicines or other related nonprescription drugs to get high at least once. If you noticed that some of the medicine bottles are missing or they get empty faster than usual, well that’s a sign of a problem.

  1. Your gut feeling tells you something is wrong.

Sometimes, that parent’s intuition will tell you that something is wrong at home. If you think that your child needs help or lost, it’s never too late to talk and connect with him. Having an open communication with family members is one good way of protecting their interests and welfare.




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