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Plumbing Technology: The New Plumbing for this Generation

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Technology has made its way into almost every facet of our lives. From e-mail and social media to computers in hospitals, this generation depends on technology. Plumbing is no exception.

Modern technology is helping the plumbing industry evolve from managing the office to offering customers better products.  As people have become more environmentally conscious along with wanting things easier, plumbers are being asked to install more efficient and advanced systems.  Plumbing technology can be studied as part of an apprenticeship program as well as at many technical colleges. It not only improves the work of the plumber but changes the customer’s experience as well.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, germs that cause the flu and other illnesses can survive on hard metal surfaces for two hours or longer.  Touching these surfaces and then touching eyes, mouths or noses cause them to spread.  Avoiding contact with toilets and faucets can keep families healthier.  Plumbing technology can bring comfort and health to a home, in addition to saving water and energy. It can make toilets and faucets “touchless”. Customers can close the toilet lid, flush the toilet and wash their hands without having to touch the surfaces.

Safer and Easier

As people are learning about the dangers of tap water, water filtration systems are increasingly in demand. Because customers want instant access to clean drinking water, reverse osmosis filtration systems are a good option in today’s home. Shower technology gives luxury faucets and showerheads, turning the home shower into a modern-day spa with the help of professionals like St. Louis plumbers.

Plumbing technology is even becoming green. People are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and are seeking more efficient kitchen faucets, shower-heads and toilets with low flow capacity.

More Convenient

Technology can make vehicle management more efficient.  GPS fleet tracking technology allows the dispatcher to keep track of where the driver is and how to best direct them. This limit wasted fuel from getting lost and ensures that the plumber arrives on time. Studies have shown that more than 50% of customers will not do business again with a company that sends a plumber an hour late.  It also provides accountability so that the driver doesn’t use the company vehicle for personal trips.

The use of smart appliances has exploded into almost every area of the working life. Appliances are now installed with computer chips to control everything from water temperature, to water conservation modes, to automated cycles, to wash settings. They can even sync with your smart devices so that you can control them no matter where you are.

Less Expensive

Pipe replacement has traditionally been not only difficult but expensive. If the leak was behind the walls or under a foundation slab, the only solution used to be to tear out the old pipes and install new ones.  New technology has enabled pipe repairs while staying in place. The inside of the pipes is cleaned with hard blasting. After this, the inside of the pipes is coated with a resin that seals and stops all leaks.  Another new technology allows replacement of pipes without tearing up the flooring.  It used to be that if freezing weather caused the pipes to burst, many people could not afford to fix them. The trained plumber uses trenchless technology and equipment to create a tunnel where the pipe is supposed to go. Both of these newer technologies are far less expensive than older methods.

It used to be that leaking toilets, washing machines or water heaters could cause water damage, which was terribly expensive to fix. Plumbing technology can install an electronic flooding detection system. If something should go wrong and the device detects water on the floor, it shuts off the water supply to that very area.

Another money saver is to use greywater. Greywater is water that runs down the sink or shower drain. But it can be used for other purposes in the home, such as flushing the toilet, is a water-saving innovation. A greywater system can save a great deal of money, but only a licensed plumber can set up this complicated system. Studies suggest that greywater technology may save a household up to five thousand gallons of water per year.

Customers who are looking for healthy alternatives, safety, convenience, and lesser expense concerning the plumbing company that they call, need to make sure that the company is experienced in using plumbing technology. For plumbing that is up to date in this important area, contact Melbourne Plumber.









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