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The Most Common Causes of Household Water Leaks

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Did you just get an unreasonably high water bill this time? Or do you smell something foul around the drain all the time?

You might be wondering if any of this could be related to an undetected water leak. We are afraid, it might actually be so!

Whether you suspect a leak but have no clue how to locate it, or whether you want to avoid leaks, it is best to stay informed about what causes leaks. Here’s a list of the most common causes of leaking pipes.

Leaking appliances

Finding unexplained water puddles near your appliances can indicate the possibility of a leak. Water leaks in appliances can occur when there is a problem with the water supply hose. This problem is frequent with washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters. Water heaters may also leak due to rusting or cracking in storage tanks.

Air-conditioner leaks

The drainage pipe of your air conditioner can get clogged due to dust and debris. Consequently, there may be visible trickles of water from the air conditioner vents. The leakage may happen within the walls and can leave sections of damp moisture ridden patches too.

Toilet leaks

Toilet leaks can originate from various sources. There may be cracks in the flush tank or in the toilet bowl. Sometimes the seal may wear off altogether. The most common signs of toilet leaks are water puddles, stained bathroom flooring and tiles and mold growth. Toilet leaks can be disastrous and may require zero-contact emergency services.

Worn out sealant

Sealants secure pipe joints and connections. If the sealant starts breaking apart it may lead to leakages at the joints. The problem is usually noticed in water connectors or appliances.

Sewer Backup

Any clogs or blockages in the main sewer line may cause sewer backup flow in your drains. As a result pipes may start leaking filthy sewer water leading to mold growth and stained flooring. Your sewer line and sump pump should be regularly maintained to prevent clogs in the sewer line and sewer backup issues.

High water pressure

A reasonable water pressure is required to maintain the water flow through your home’s plumbing system. Excess or uneven water pressure in the pipes may damage your pipes and lead to ruptures and leaks. The leaks may appear as tiny pinholes in the beginning but can become larger if the pressure is not fixed soon.


It is important to maintain gutters because a lot of debris and dirt can accumulate there. If the gutters get choked, they may start leaking and the water can seep into the foundation of your house. This is a huge threat as it can eventually cause a wall to shift and collapse.


Clogged drains can create huge problems for homeowners, especially if they are left unattended for too long. It’s not just a matter of slow drainage. Clog and debris buildup can lead to sewer overflows and pipe bursts too. Make sure you unclog the drains on a regular basis.

Cold weather

Changing weather, especially extreme temperatures can lead to expansion and contraction in pipes. Sometimes this may exacerbate as cracks in the pipeline and leakage. If the water supply appears to be slowed down, after extreme cold weather conditions, you should get the pipeline checked for leaks.


Old and worn out plumbing pipes can give into corrosion and damage. Rusting or discoloration of the pipes is often a strong indicator of aging pipes. It is better to replace the deteriorating pipes before they develop leaks and create trouble.

Loose connections

Leaks may occur when pipe and hose connections become loose or faulty. Sometimes the cause may be as simple as an appliance shifting from its place or cleaning around the connections. Noticeable water puddles and trickles of water leaking directly near the supply line is a clear indicator that the pipe connection needs tightening.


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