Kick start Your Career in IT with CompTIA A+ Certification

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Are you thinking of launching a career in information technology and don’t know where to start? Why not launch your career with the CompTIA A+ certification?

Computer Technology Industry Author: Angel Y. Association (CompTIA) is a renowned industry-leading technology association with global reach and prominence. It is touted as the industry standard for establishing a career in IT and offers a wide variety of certifications for beginners and experienced professionals.

The association, through education, training and certifications, has impacted over 50 million professionals who design, adopt, 44$ oversee, and protect the technology that drives economy all over the world. Members of CompTIA work in Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Oracle, Nissan, Asics, and many other renowned brands across the world.

Getting certified by CompTIA means you have the required skills and knowledge to work anywhere technology is deployed, ranging from IT support to networking and cybersecurity.

CompTIA A+ specifically lays a foundation for a fulfilling career path in Information Technology infrastructure or cybersecurity. It certifies your proficiency in maintaining, customizing and operating personal computers for entry-level PC service professionals.

What benefits do I derive from a CompTIA A+ certification?

  • A CompTIA A+ certification gives you the basic knowledge of software and hardware operations: With these skills, you can troubleshoot different devices, ranging from computers to smartphones.
  • Accredited by ISO/ANSI: Author: Eleanor T employers all over the world trust your CompTIA A+ badge. The skill set you will develop is not restricted to vendor-specific hardware or software and known as to be vendor-neutral. No matter which career path or industry you’ll choose CompTIA A+is an invaluable tech credential.
  • Built by credible industry experts: CompTIA A+ is built and undergoes continuous development by IT experts in various professions and industries. The course and certification have passed through innovation-driven thought leaders in the IT industry who bring knowledge and experience to ensure employers value your professional skills across the world.
  • Skill validation: getting Testking Discount >>> CompTIA A+ certified will not only give you an edge over your peers in the IT industry, it also validates your unique skills. It further earns you better benefits than your mates who do not have this badge.
  • Solid IT foundation: CompTIA provides solid background knowledge for prospects interested in pursuing an advanced course. Thus, the A+ badge will ease you way to earn the Network+ certification. 
  • Wanted by top companies: Top organizations such as HP, Dell, Intel, Nissan fund their employee’s training in CompTIA A+. If you already have the certification, you would save costs for them, making you a preferred candidate.
  • Advantage in hiring: Presenting your CompTIA A+ credential to prospective employers gives them the impression Author: Mackenzie D that you attempt to stay updated with career-relevant skills in an ever-dynamic IT industry. It shows your character and ability, giving you an advantage in the hiring process.

Who needs the CompTIA A+ certification?

Anybody seeking to build a career in IT would immensely benefit from starting with the CompTIA A+ certification. CompTIA designed the badge to serve individuals seeking a career in the entry-level tech support rolesor in the end point management. Having this badge, you can earn annually about $61,779 as per Payscale statistics.

What are the requirements for getting the CompTIA A+ certification?

To secure this certification, you need to pass two core exams:

  • Core 1 (exam 220-1001): ExamSnap SY0-601 checks your skills in hardware, networking, mobile devices. To pass it you should be skillful in cloud computing, virtualization, and troubleshooting.
  • Core 2 (exam 220-1002): this test verifies your skills to work with software and its troubleshooting, security, operating systems.


CompTIA certifications are valued all over the world. Opting for the A+ badge you make a solid ground to launch a career in IT and get a pay hike. Link Being a qualified professional you’ll become a real asset and can be employed in such renowned companies as Dell, Intel, Nissan, and others. So, pass 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams and enjoy your professional life. Wish more, upgrade your skills by getting a certification of the higher level soon. All the best! 



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