Giving Your Home A Personal And Vibrant Touch

No house is complete unless it truly feels like your home. Whether you live in an ancient property that’s started to lose its spark or a brand new property that feels a little bland and lifeless, your household won’t feel comfortable unless it’s designed to your preferences. You need to give your house a personal and vibrant touch in order for it to really feel like home. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways to achieve such an appearance in your household.

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Make the most of a room’s space.

You might be tempted to buy new furnishings and aesthetic pieces on your quest to redesign your abode and make it more vibrant, but you need to take a step back first.  Less is more, as obvious as that might be to say in a post discussing interior design. Still, it’s true. Whether you’re a fan of intimate spaces or sprawling rooms, nobody wants a house that feels cramped. Essentially, you need to make the most of a room’s space in order to make it feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter whether the room is big or small – all that matters is whether or not you’ve put the space to good use. That’s applicable no matter what kind of person you are or what kind of house you’re trying to design.

You can add the vibrancy and color to your home later, but you need to start by stripping back your household’s appearance. This is the first step towards making it feel more personal and homely. Get rid of the clutter that’s taking up space in every room of your house. Let your rooms breathe. With your remaining possessions, find ways to store them more effectively so that the house isn’t as messy; put up shelving units on walls to create new storage space. We’ve mentioned before that knocking down dividing walls can open up space in your house too. It all depends on the specific layout of your home. The goal is simply to make your home feel spacious and comfortable. That’s how it’ll start to feel more homely, bright, and personal.

Let personal preferences guide your design.

As mentioned in the introduction, even a brand new property can feel bland and lifeless if it doesn’t showcase any of your personality. Your home needs personalized design in order to feel cozy and vibrant. For example, if someone in your family is creative then they could create their own artwork to hang on the walls. Make sure you have family photographs on display throughout the house too. As suggested over at, you could even take up a hobby so that you have something fun to do when you come home. Having a guitar propped up against the wall of the living room, for example, could add a personal touch to the place.

And bedrooms should be a personalized haven for everybody in the house; everybody’s room should be designed to their preferences, whether your kids like Barbie dolls or action movies. You might also want to check out for a bathroom vanity so that you can get ready in a comfortable and elegant environment every morning. The little things matter when it comes to the design of your home. Let your personal preferences lead the way. Even small details, such as souvenirs from family vacations on kitchen shelves, can make all the difference when it comes to giving your home the personal touch. As mentioned over at, your family’s history should be prevalent throughout the house. That’s what gives it character.

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Color and lighting can really affect a room’s impact.

If you want your home to feel both personal and vibrant then you need to think about the way in which you use color and lighting throughout your home. We talked about the importance of personal preference earlier – if you have a favorite color then you should let it become a consistent theme throughout the house. This will give it some individual character and remind you that it’s your home.

Of course, if you want your home’s aesthetic to look good then you need to avoid clashing themes. Stick to a color theme once you’ve chosen it. And make sure that you still use neutral colors such as white to keep your home feeling bright and airy – natural light can really brighten up your home if you keep the design neutral. In terms of artificial light, make sure you use soft yellow lighting for areas of relaxation and harsh bright lighting for areas such as the kitchen or the study. Using the correct lighting will keep your home cozy yet vibrant.


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