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Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

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Many individuals who are obese or overweight have decided that dieting is not an effective way to achieve long-term weight loss. They have learned that it is most important to concentrate on changing their lifestyle to increase positive results. By engaging in daily or weekly physical or sports activities and employing healthy food eating habits, you can lose weight and keep it off. Start by decreasing the amount of daily fat consumption, and increase the amount of eating vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Fad diets ignore the importance of nutritious dietary guidelines and may result in short-term weight loss, but short-term is the keyword. Dieting can risk your health. Fad dieting deprives you of food groups that are essential to maintaining a healthy body. The methods you utilize in approaching weight loss have an impact on your long-term success. Unless you have serious health risks from complications caused by being overweight or obese, losing weight gradually weight loss should be your goal.

Looking for evidence-based ways of losing weight? Here are some tips to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off:

  1. Check with your doctor first. Make sure that you are in good health that will allow you to lower caloric intake and permit an increase in physical activity.
  2. Follow a balanced diet with reduced calories, which enables one or two pounds of weight loss weekly. Perhaps the most important thing is to include at least five servings a day of vegetables and fruits, in addition to whole grains, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products. It may not produce dramatic results right away, but it will gradually, and safely, reduces your pant sizes. Use common sense to be on your way to a healthier you.
  3. Eat proteins with every meal. Begin trading in starchy based carbohydrates for more protein. Eat 25 plus grams of protein at every single meal for extra fat loss help. It takes more calories to digest, and break down protein. An added benefit also is the ability to keep you full longer. Pair the added protein with a weight loss kit that helps burn calories, you will be well on your way to losing weight.
  4. Replace starchy carbohydrates with fibrous fruits, and vegetables. As part of your weight loss workout program, I also recommend replacing all the starchy carbohydrates with more fibrous fruits, and vegetables. As a result of the fiber, and lower glycemic index of the foods you will begin eating less overall calories, and stay full longer. Give it a try.
  5. Drinking hot water will ‘increase’ your metabolism.
  6. While drinking a cup of water mixed with lemon juice, grapefruit juice and a teaspoon of honey first thing in the morning will wake up the gallbladder and prepare the liver for the oncoming breakfast and does detoxify your system – there is absolutely no scientifically based evidence that it will boost your metabolism. If anything it is said to be good for the bowels, and we all know that warm to room temperature water is more readily absorbed by the body, however, having said that the best form of drinking water is – cold.
  7. Perform some form of physical activity like sports. As much as it is inconveniencing, enough stress cannot be made on the importance of increasing daily activity. Start by just taking the stairs, instead of the elevator. Walk up or down the escalator, instead of standing still on it. Park your car at the end of the parking lot, instead of taking a close spot. The next step starts with permission from your physician, slowly add on some form of regular physical activity that you don’t mind performing. Walking is an excellent form of exercise that most people can do and it produces great results over time.
  8. Try to schedule your fitness program workout days on calendar. This fat loss workout tip goes hand in hand with planning your meals. If you don’t plan your workout sessions, then compliance slips. Things just seem to get in the way of the workout for fat loss. For an effective regimen, you need to purchase workout machines and equipment to take you through.

To achieve more dramatic results, in conjunction with healthy eating habits and regular exercise, some may choose to use weight loss supplements. These supplements should only be seriously considered after checking with your physician to make sure this is the right choice for you!



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7 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

  • I agree with your post. It’s important to mind the food you eat when your goal is to lose weight.

  • Just started my weight loss journey and these tips are helpful and informative. Thanks for posting.

  • A great reminder especially this time of year when the big diet craze of the new year has long been forgotten. We need reminders and tips to get us into the warm weather months.

  • These are fabulous weight loss tips that have evidence to back them up. I know that so many of us get caught up in the trend or hype of something, it’s great to know tips that do work!

  • Definitely very good tips. I do a warm lemon water in the morning (similar to your hot water tip) and really think it is helpful for digestion and metabolism.

  • These are some great tips. I try to eat protein with every meal, even snacks so that I don’t get hungry as quickly.

  • Great reminders! I think food has almost everything to do with weight loss. Exercise is important but what you eat is most important.


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