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What Is The Cheapest Way To Move Long Distance In Washington DC?

Washington, DC has always been prime real estate. As the country’s capital, it bears witness to the political achievements of the nation.

However, its popularity as a tourist destination has also resulted in a higher-than-average cost of living. Understandably, you’d want to look for a more affordable residence somewhere else.

Whether you’re changing your address for a new job or you just want a fresh start, here are a couple of tips to help you lessen the cost of moving long-distance in Washington, DC:

  1. Look for a Reliable and Affordable Moving Company

Before you start packing, you’ll want to do your research on the moving companies in your area that can help you with your long-distance move. Determine their rates and packages to see if they fall within your budget.

Some companies, like All n 1 Stop Moving and Storage – Best DC Movers, offer full service. They do all the grunt work involved in your move and allow you to focus on other aspects of your transfer.

You can also opt for a partial service only, such as transporting large furniture or things that can’t fit in your car from your old home to your new place. Typically, these businesses charge per hour, so it’s crucial that you stay organized and maximize your appointment with them before and during moving day.

  1. Determine the Tasks You Can Do by Yourself

Going for partial mover service can help you cut moving costs in Washington, DC. To do this, you should assess the things that you can do yourself.

Save on the price of a full moving service by packing your stuff yourself. Small items like your clothes, shoes, and accessories are relatively manageable to pack. For larger furniture and appliances, though, it’s wise to ask help from the moving team.

A few tips on how to pack for the big move:

  • Pack Room-by-Room – The best packing strategy is to go through your rooms and work on storing the things you’ll bring in your moving boxes. While it may be tempting to put off packing some items, such as jewelry, you ought to press on and just do it. This way, you can be sure that you won’t leave anything behind.
  • Start with the Least Used Area – It’s prudent to give yourself enough time to prepare for the move. With this, you should begin packing the least used room like guest rooms and the attic. As moving day approaches, you can then go through common areas such as the dining room and kitchen.
  • Have a “Don’t Touch Zone” – Assign a closet in your living room or some other area where you’ll temporarily store valuables before moving. Tell movers that they don’t need to touch items in that particular part of the house.
  1. Ask Around for Free Moving Supplies

Ask your family and friends if they have boxes that they aren’t using. It’s an excellent way to save on having to purchase ones that you’ll only use once.

You can also get creative with your packing strategy by storing your things in empty suitcases, hampers, baskets, and coolers. Moreover, save money on bubble wrap by using towels to pad fragile items, like plates and glasses, instead.

Aside from asking for free moving supplies, you may also want to request your family and friends to watch your kids for a while on the big day. Children can be a handful, especially on moving day when you have a lot of things going on.

  1. Sell Some of Your Possessions

Decluttering before packing can also cut the cost of your move because you have fewer items to transfer. Moreover, you can even sell stuff that are still in good condition, but ones that you don’t use anymore.

Instead of holding yard sales, though, you can take advantage of social media to promote your things. Facebook’s Marketplace feature is especially beneficial if you want to get rid of your possessions to others in the Washington, DC area.

  1. Schedule Moving Day on a Weekday

Another way to cut back on moving costs is to pick a weekday for the big move. Most people schedule their transfers on a weekend because it’s their free time from work.

Take advantage of this phenomenon by going the other way and go for a Tuesday or Thursday move. Mondays may be quite busy for the movers as well because it’s closer to the weekend.

Movers may also have their hands full during the first and last days of the month, so avoid picking that schedule.


Moving long-distance in Washington, DC, can be expensive if you don’t prepare for it enough. Research on the best possible deals from a reliable moving company. Do some tasks yourself, ask around for free supplies, and schedule the move on a weekday to cut back on costs. Moreover, you can sell some of your stuff and declutter your home at the same time.



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