Go Green By Reducing Your Reliance on Packaging

Go Green By Reducing Your Reliance on Packaging

Many people are starting to make an effort to use more packaging. In the past, people used reusable bags and storage much more often. They chose individual items and weighed out the produce they needed. But as food became more convenient, the use of various packaging grew too. Now it can be difficult to buy what you need without it coming with lots of plastic or cardboard. If you want to live a life with less packaging, you have to find ways to reduce your reliance. It requires a combination of buying the right things and knowing what to do with the packaging after it has served its purpose.

Buy Product Refills

Buying a refill for a product is a smart choice if you want to cut down on packaging. Refill items still often require packaging, but it can be less than the original product and sometimes more eco-friendly too. You might buy something in a spray bottle from Better Life and when it runs out, you can buy a cardboard refill. Cardboard is easier to recycle and you can reuse the original packaging by filling it up from your refill box. Refills help you use less packaging, even if they don’t cut it out completely.

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Choose Products with Less Packaging

Picking products that use less packaging is a good idea too. Many companies are making an effort to reduce their packaging, getting rid of unnecessarily large boxes, bags and other items. You can also choose to avoid using optional packaging and plastic bags. When you pick things up in the produce aisle, grab your carrots and buy them loose, instead of tying them into a plastic bag. It’s also good to avoid prepared produced when you can. It usually requires a lot more packaging to keep it fresh and prevent it from being damaged.

Buy Products That Last Longer

The longer your products last, the less you need to buy them and the less packaging you will get through. One way to make sure your products last longer is to buy concentrated substances, such as laundry detergent or other cleaning items. If you use less of it each time, it will stretch further. You can also buy things in bulk and multi packs, which can use less packaging than smaller purchases. As a bonus, it can also save you money, although it does require more storage space.

Reuse Packaging

When you can’t reduce the amount of packaging you use, you can try to reuse or recycle it. Lots of types of packaging can be reused, particularly bottles, boxes and trays. You can use plastic tubs for storing leftovers or turn glass jars into candle holders, as well as use them for home canning. Metal tins can last a long time and are great for storing cookies and cake. Many packaging materials are great to reuse for arts and crafts projects with the kids too.

Reducing your reliance on packaging can make your home more eco-friendly. Live a greener life by saying no to excessive packaging.

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