Get From Home to Dorm Stress-free

Moving out of your parents’ home and living on your own is an exciting time. But there are, understandably, some hesitations on how to plan and go ahead with it. Don’t worry! Starting your college this fall won’t be stressful with these moving tips.

Plan out your future room

You must have seen dorm rooms on the campus tour or might have a layout given to you after paying for one. Make a plan of how you will set up your dorm room and exactly how much storage space- clothes, cupboards, drawers- will be given to you. This way you won’t be overpacking anything.

Know the weather

There are quite a number of things to consider when moving out of your parents’ home, one important factor being the weather if your college is out-of-state. If you are moving to UCLA, for example, you will see a lot of the Californian sun, so you won’t need to stock up on sweaters and scarves and can afford to give some away. If you’re moving to NYU or another college in the area, you will need coats and down jackets- so stock up on them.

Know what you can take and what you cant

It is VERY tempting to want to take your entire old room and recreate it in the dorm room. But that’s not convenient or even realistic. You will have a roommate, and half of the space is going to be theirs. Consider this a positive and take only your favorites!

Make a list

The next reasonable step is to make a list of everything you need to take with you and of those things that you will buy there- clothes, study materials, bedsheets, snacks, etc.

Start packing in advance

Start packing in advance and take your time sorting and packing your belongings. Start from clothes and organize them into two categories-

1) Giving away

2) Taking with me

3) Memories that stay at home

 Learn efficient packing

There are specific considerations to make not only on what you pack for college but also on how you pack it. Here are some tips:

  • Label the contents of the boxes.
  • Keep the heaviest items at the bottom.
  • Use small boxes for books as they can get heavy and pack them flat to prevent damage.
  • Be sure to use bubble wrap and mark fragile on any breakables.

If you think you may be in over your head here, don’t be afraid to call movers in Bethesda Md!

Arrange transport in advance

With most colleges starting around the same time, there will be a surge in demand for car rentals, train rides and flight tickets around your preferred date. So, it is best that you start to look for the most optimal mode of transportation and book it earlier. Booking storage and moving pods to transport your belongings will make the process of moving out even more relaxed.

Know the college’s vicinity

It is helpful to get to know the area around your university before you start your classes. Many colleges are not located in the city but a long drive away from it. Search for local shops and chain stores like Walmart or Target, so when you run out of things, you know exactly where to go and buy them.

Essentials bag

Traveling for long hours can be very tiring. So, it may not be possible to complete setting up your room in one day. It is better to pack a box of essentials such as a pair of clothes, night suit, and toiletries separately and label it as such. Open it first and then proceed with the rest.

 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You may be looking forward to living independently and being responsible for yourself, but don’t shy away from taking help from your parents. Your parents have already had the experience as you are about to, so ask for assistance when you are confused. Let them take a look at your moving out list to see if something is missing.


Lastly, moving out is a challenging but exhilarating feeling. Don’t stress too much on how things will unfold, rather enjoy this new phase of life!



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