Recover Lost Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Nowadays, thanks to technology, there’s a solution to every possible problem. It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge operation or a small business; every company needs to save up huge volumes of data every single day. The problem arises when the storage device is full and there’s no space left for more data to be saved; therefore to increase storage, removal of data is necessary. This can result in huge data loss.

Data can be lost due to server reasons. Your data can be attacked by a deadly virus or be deleted accidentally. It doesn’t matter how you lose your data. We live in such a technologically advanced era that recovering our lost data isn’t a difficult task anymore. Every company, big or small, needs a robust and reliable data recovery program in case of important data loss. There are hundreds of data recovery software programs present that choosing one seems like a difficult task. This is where the EaseUS data recovery wizard comes to aid. This software is super-fast and reliable to use in such situations.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is also a very good to use hdd recovery software. It goes through your hard drives or external devices and looks for deleted and missing files. Data can be lost because of various reasons such as formatting, corruption or software bugs. The recovering wizard can be used to recover any kind of file from any part of your device. This software program will recover almost any kind of data you’ve lost. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s robust. It works on both operating systems, Windows and Mac.

What kind of recovery processes is this software capable of?

  • Recovery of accidentally deleted files: This program can quickly recover files that were accidentally deleted or affected by a software virus
  • Recovery of a formatted device: When you format a device or disk, the data on the disk isn’t affected; only the data stored in the address tables is lost. This program can easily recover the exact data restore it into the disk.
  • Recovering files from the Recycle bin: If you plan on emptying your recycle bin, you can easily scan the files and selectively recover those which you want.
  • Recovery of lost partition: This software is able to easily recognize any missing partition and data. When your device is corrupted, the data becomes inaccessible. But EaseUS recovery wizard enables you to find and recover the data again.
  • Recovering data from virus attacks: A deadly virus can affect your computer more than an OS crash. EaseUS allows you to easily recover all your lost data very quickly.
  • Recovering data from an OS crashing: EaseUS provides something known as bootable media. With this, whenever your Windows crashes, you can easily restart your PC and recover all lost data. It can recover data quickly from a crashed OS.
  • Recovering files from RAW partition: When your hard disk turns into RAW, which means become inaccessible to you, you can easily use EaseUS data recovery wizard to gain access again.

What does EaseUS data recovery wizard offer that other software doesn’t?

  • It offers a safe and secure data recovery platform. The program uses encryption to ensure security and no loss of personal information. Only you will have access to your recovered files. This program will not erase and rewrite any files on your devices.
  • It offers 2 kinds of scans. A quick scan and a deep scan. The quick scan uses on several seconds to search through all the files; while the deep scan can take a couple of minutes. It depends on your device and storage capacity.

  • It offers the recovery of any type of file present such as audio and video files, GIFS, JPEG and PNG, txt. Files etc.

  • It provides recovery of files that were deleted, formatted, partitioned or corrupted.
  • Other software tends to offer features at super high prices. But EaseUS recovery wizard ranges from 40$ to 90$. A bit expensive, but considering the excellent performance it gives, it seems worth it.


This program is ideal for people who aren’t really IT magicians. You don’t need a computer science degree to use this program. Unlike other software programs, EaseUS recovery wizard is easy to understand and use.



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