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Show Your Father Some Love With These Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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 Dads can sometimes be hard to shop for, either because they aren’t very vocal about what they want or because they don’t really want anything. Even if you know something they like, it might be they already have it or they’re extremely picky about it. With Father’s Day fast approaching, the pressure is mounting. To help you make a decision, we’ve done a roundup of some gift ideas for every kind of dad out there.

The Foodie Dad

This is the type of dad that you see most often in the kitchen, making meals and snacks and experimenting with new gastronomic experiences. This dad always gets really excited during the Fourth of July and other holidays, because he gets to go all out for his friends and family.

This Father’s Day get him a new cooking apron to keep his clothes stain free as he prepares his meals. You can even go the extra mile and rack up bonus points for the sentiment by making it a personalized one.

If you want to step your gift game up a little bit and have the budget to spare, you can gift your dad with a meat and cheese bouquet. Because what a dad loves more than cooking is having ingredients to use for cooking. And what better way to show your love and fulfill his cooking wishes by presenting him with a tastefully tasty arrangement of cold cuts and cheeses?

The Outdoorsy Dad

This dad likes to spend most of his days off experiencing the outside world. Rather than staying in at home during weekends, he’s whisking you and the rest of the family off on a fishing trip, an afternoon at the beach, or a hike in the woods.

Dads like these need the right gear to stay protected or to assist them in a quick fix. Forget the Swiss Army Knives, give him Kershaw knives instead. They’re much sharper and a lot less cumbersome to handle and can definitely come in handy when he’s outdoors.

Being out and about in the outdoors can get uncomfortable really quick. To help him stay comfortable, consider getting him ergonomic hiking boots. Go for the ones with a flexible sole and a good heel cup to help prevent plantar fasciitis.

The Techie Dad

Techie dads have their minds on the future. They’re always up to date on the latest gadgets and feels much happier getting a new device than spending it on tickets to the latest game. This dad is also probably on YouTube a lot, looking up product reviews and listicles on the latest tech innovations.

If you’ve got a dad like this, you may want to consider getting him a Mophie Juice Pack. These babies are essentially power banks but in phone case form, making it less cumbersome since your dad won’t need to scramble for wires or a compatible power outlet when he’s out and about.

If the charging case isn’t something you feel your father might go for, consider gifting him a smart watch. A lot of smart watches have been moving away from that futuristic aesthetic, sporting designs similar to those luxury watches you might have seen other dads pine for. The Garmin Forerunner 945 combines fitness tracking, geopositioning, and of course telling the time all into one sleek package.


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