Five Reasons Why Your Visa Got Rejected

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Every year the U.S Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) receive more than 55,000 visa applications. Some of which are applications for permanent visa and green card approval.

In the financial year 2019, USCIS approved 577,000 green cards and reduced the percentage of pending applications by 14%. In most cases, you may get a visa without any hassles if you hire professional online visa services.

The reason being, visa professionals, are aware of the rules and regulations to follow when applying for a visa. Most of the travelers fail to conform to the standards and end up in a visa getting rejected.

Although some strict rules are waived off to simplify the visa process, on specific grounds, you can still face rejection. Let’s learn about on what basis the immigration officers deny the visa.

Inadequate Travel Itinerary

The purpose of your visit has to be precise. Whether it is a tour plan or business trip, you must specify every detail of your itinerary in the application. You must also mention the countries/states you plan to visit during the trip. Your application must corroborate the details of flight tickets and hotel bookings.

If you plan to visit a destination country for a business purpose, you must have an invitation letter from the company in the destination country that clearly explains your purpose of visit. Failing to provide valid documents and information may lead to rejection of a visa.

Lack of Funds

This forms the most common grounds for visa rejections. There has to be a sufficient amount of accessible funds in your bank to support your stay. If you lack balance in your account, you may instantly face a rejection for your application.

Sufficient fund balance is essential to make sure that you do not become a liability to the destination country. It may also become a reason to deny your application if you apply for a visa the next time.

Bad Performance in Visa Interview

The lack of communicating effectively during a visa interview can lead to visa rejection. If you hesitate to answer a few questions or become nervous while replying to a specific question, then that may create a sense of tension in the interviewer and will deny the visa.

Before going to the interview, you must go well-prepared and answer all the questions without any hesitation. You must be calm and composed while answering the questions. Else, the interviewer will conclude that you have a hidden agenda during a trip to the destination country.

Past Offender or Criminal Record

If you had traveled to the destination country before and violated rules or committed an offense, you may not be eligible for a visa grant again. In most cases, if you have a criminal record in the native country, then you may instantly face rejection.

Even previous visa violation rules are strict. If you overstayed in a country for more than six months, then you can face an automatic denial for three years. The tough ones are, when you have an unauthorized presence for over a year, then you can face a ban for ten years in that particular country.

Status of your Sponsor

When you receive sponsorship from a sponsor, then his eligibility aspects are taken into consideration. Your sponsor’s legal status, tax obligations, income, etc. must meet the standards for visa approval.

Professional online visa service can help you in understanding the procedures of visa approval in such cases. If the authorities do not find your sponsor eligible enough to support your travel, stay, and other essential facilities, then your visa will be rejected.



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