3 Business Travel Tips for Groups

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If your employer informed you today that you will need to travel to China on business by yourself, you would probably be excited. However, if your employer told you that you are to be part of a business group, your excitement levels would drastically reduce especially if you don’t like some of your colleagues. 

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To enjoy your business travels to China regardless of who you travel with, you need to be prepared. Here are 3 business travel tips for groups:

     1. Maintain Your Professional Relationship

There is usually a code of conduct that guides companies and how their employees behave. If your company has a no-fraternization policy, you need to be very careful about following that code.

It can be very tempting for you to throw caution to the winds when you are in China. But don’t do it. We live in the age of photos. Your bosses may end up getting the evidence of you breaking the rules with one of your colleagues long before you take the flight back home. And you may lose your job.

So, when in China on business as part of a group, maintain the professional relationship that you share with your colleagues at all times. 

     2. Do What You Are Sent To Do First

You may feel that being part of a business group traveling to China on business offers you anonymity. For that reason, you may see some of your colleagues going their way instead of participating in the business activities that you were supposed to do.

But it would be wise for you to do the right thing even when you think nobody is watching. Because someone may be observing how all the members of your business delegation are behaving.

Attend those business seminars. Ensure that your presentations are outstanding. Take part in group discussions and meetings with relevant business stakeholders. Then when you have fulfilled all your work obligations, you can rest.

By being diligent and doing what you are supposed to first, you will stand out. And you may end up being responsible for upholding your company pride and getting profitable deals for your employer. 

In the future, your conduct in China may make your Chinese business hosts ask for you every time they want to do business with your company. 

     3. Keep Track Of Your Business-Related Expenses

Being part of a China-bound business delegation can complicate matters concerning your expenses. Knowing who spent what and when can become quite tricky. 

Since people are different, don’t expect how you all approach spending to be similar. Some of your colleagues may be spendthrifts. And they may spend more than what they should because they expect to take advantage of your share of money.

So, you need to keep track of your business-related expenses. Don’t rely on others to keep track of such information for you. Chances are that they won’t do it accurately. Yet your reimbursement from your employer will depend on it.

If you have no idea of how to keep records concerning everyone, take advantage of apps available for that purpose. These include SAP Concur, Tripcoin, and Zoho Expense. Many of these have features that will help you to account for every cent that you spend in multiple currencies.


Traveling as part of a business delegation to China does not have to be a nightmare. You don’t have to fear that the trip will not be enjoyable or productive. So long as you maintain a professional outlook, complete the tasks that you need to do, and keep track of what you are spending while doing business work, then you will do just fine.



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