A Thrill-Seekers Ultimate Day in the Mother City

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Thrill-seekers are forever on a quest to find the next best thing that’ll get their heart racing. They are addicted to adrenaline and they’ll stop at nothing to get it – even travelling the world in search of that rush – which is said to be the most satisfying feeling in the world. While there are many places on earth that cater for those who enjoy extreme sports, most of them only offer one or two major activities. However, there a few cities that’ll keep them busy for weeks on end, because there’s just so much to do and so much to try! One place that should be on every adrenaline junkies list is Cape Town. It’s a city that’s not only a thrill to the senses, but the perfect place to find the most electrifying activities.

To prove that what we’re telling the truth, we have put together a thrill-seekers ultimate day in the Mother City. We have covered the most likely activities these curious cats would be keen to do while visiting the most beautiful city in the world!

The perfect start to the day in Cape Town, is to first and foremost take a jog on the promenade. There’s nothing more refreshing than breathing in the fresh sea air, while getting your body (and mind) ready for the day!

After you have gotten some mild exercise, it’s time to brace yourself for what the rest of the day has in store!

Morning Must-Do’s


Paragliding is the number one sport for all those who are eager to feel the adrenaline that comes with running off a cliff. This is the most thrilling part of the activity; however, the rush lasts a while, unlike many other extreme sports. Hovering high above the gorgeous city, with only a kite attached to you, is a liberating experience. I personally believe this activity can be best enjoyed at any time of the day, but what’s better than starting your day with a flight above the bustling city, and feasting your eyes on 360-degree views of Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean? Sounds like the ultimate treat to me!

Abseiling down Table Mountain

Abseiling is not for the faint of heart – at least not for those that have a fear of heights! Abseiling is one of the most popular extreme sports, and the activity is offered in many different places all over the world. Cape Town, however, offers something a little more special. Why? Well, because you’ll be abseiling down one of the most iconic (and beautiful) mountains in Southern Africa – Table Mountain! Table Mountain is situated along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and it towers over the city of Cape Town, giving you the best seat in the house – literally! The flat-topped mountain attracts thousands of tourists who either hike or take the cable-car to its summit. We’d suggest you sign up for a morning slot, as the sun can be pretty harsh in Cape Town during the day. We don’t want to see you roasted along your way down!

Afternoon Activities

Skydiving in Malmesbury

Skydiving is without a doubt a favorite amongst the thrill-seekers. It’s really not for the fearful folk – you are called to jump out of a plane and free fall for up to 30 seconds before the kite opens! Definitely not for just anyone! So, adrenaline junkies; make your way to Malmesbury, 40 minutes outside of the city of Cape Town if you’re eager to jumps out of a plane and plummet to the ground at top speed! Sounds like music to your ears, I’m sure.

Source: Mother City Skydiving

Shark Cage-Diving Near Seal Island

Just when you thought Cape Town had everything, there’s more! Yes, Cape Town is one of the only places in South Africa where one can go shark-cage diving. This activity is usually found near Seal Island, where Great White Sharks are known to frequent – you can see why, just by the name! Great Whites are one of the biggest shark species known to man and can only be found in warmer oceans, near the coast. Seeing them in the flesh is a sought-after experience as they are fairly rare.

Sunset Missions

Sandboarding down the dunes in Atlantis

Cape Town may be the city of sea, sand and sun, but you’ll be surprised to know that 30 minutes outside of Cape Town in a place called Atlantis, is desert-like terrain! People flock to this hidden gem in the Cape to sandboard, quad bike or even just to run down the dunes! The sand is soft, white and the backdrop of Cape Town’s most beautiful mountains makes it a place worth visiting! The best time to visit is just before the sun goes down, as the dunes exude an orange glow which is rather beautiful – and, what’s better than sandboarding under an African sunset?

 Kloof Jumping

Koof-jumping has always been a craze – flinging oneself off a rock, into a rock pool below. The higher the rock, the better – for most! Cape Town is dotted with amazing hiking trails; many of which have rock pools where one can go kloof-jumping. Some of the places are accessible by hiking to the desired jumping spot, and others require an abseil down a few waterfalls or mountain rock. But hey, sounds like the perfect adventure – especially if there are waterfalls involved!














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