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First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector, keeping your family safe!

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The most important product you need right now is a  carbon monoxide (CO) detector. If you don’t have one installed somewhere in your home I believe now is the time to install one.


Especially if you use kerosene, wood, natural gas, propane or charcoal. You see CO is an odorless, colorless gas produced by burning those type of fuels above. Another potential source that generate carbon monoxide is your vehicles or generators running in a closed area, they too can also produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Are you aware that a number of CO deaths occur following natural disasters? So many people tend to run their gas-powered generators improperly or try to heat their homes with gas or charcoal grills.  I’ve read this far too many times in the news so this is why I would recommend every home to install a First Alert carbon monoxide (CO) detector. Remember, you can’t smell CO, so a CO detector is your only hope of saving your family should CO levels in your home reach dangerous levels. Diagnosis of CO poisoning can be difficult because symptoms mimic those of many other illnesses and include nausea, headaches, dizziness, weakness, chest pain and vomiting.  In more severe poisoning cases, people may experience disorientation or unconsciousness, or suffer long-term neurological disabilities, cardiorespiratory failure or death.

Now you can get the First Alert CO710 detector, this carbon monoxide detector has a long-life lithium battery that never needs to be replaced.  You heard me right, no battery replacement needed! When the unit send off a notification signal after 10 years of service just replace the whole unit. The device includes a 10-year limited warranty also!


I will say I do have a few in my home but all mine require battery changing within 5 years and to be honest sometimes I forget until my husband mentions it. I like that this one First Alert CO710  provides you with 10 years and it sends out a notification signal for alarm replacement.


The system is very easy to install and easy to read because of its visual digital display. Visible to you will be the ambient temperature and displays CO levels. The unit keeps peak CO levels, which can provide valuable information for hospital or emergency workers.

The device’s alarm is very loud it reaches at 85dB to alert the family –no matter if you’re awake or asleep you’re guaranteed to hear the CO. Just keep in mind if alarm do go off please remove yourself and your family from the premises ASAP! You can also silence the unit ASAP to turning it off

The most important thing is to take safety precautions when using gas and charcoal grills, generators and never leave your vehicle running in a closed area where carbon monoxide can build up.  I tell everyone, please make sure to invest in a CO detector especially if you heat your home with some type of burning fuel like coal, oil, gas or wood.

Little known fact: In 2010, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 80,100 non-fire CO incidents in which carbon monoxide was found, or an average of nine such calls per hour.  The number of incidents increased 96 percent from 40,900 incidents reported in 2003. This increase is most likely due to the increased use of CO detectors, which alert people to the presence of CO.


To learn more about protecting your family from CO poisoning, visit First Alert.


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