Fall Deeper In Love! Date Nights To Help You Reconnect With Your Partner!

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These days, we’re all very busy people. We all have a lot of different areas of our lives to consider – how’s work going? Are our kids happy and healthy? What are we going to do as our parents get older and more frail? Why is there a weird smell in the basement? It’s very easy to let our relationships slide amid the hubbub of everyday life. If you’re lucky, your partner will always be there to help you pick up the pieces at the end of a long day – but it’s absolutely crucial to make sure that you put a lot of love and time into a relationship so that it continues to be happy and healthy. If you want to spend a little more time with your partner, here are some date nights to consider…

 Go To A Museum

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 A lot of museums do special night time openings for adults only, so you can explore your city’s cultural landmarks without anyone else’s kids bothering you. Although you may think that a museum or an art gallery is an odd place to visit to spark some romance, on the contrary – it’s important that you and your partner continue to talk to each other about things other than your home life and your kids. Use the museum or art gallery to spark conversation and fresh ideas between you.

Go Ice Skating

This time of year there’s no better date than ice skating. Why not use the unpleasant weather to your advantage? Wrap up warm, put on your cutest knitwear, and prepare for an evening of holding your partner’s hand as you move around the ice together. Even if you’re not particularly good, don’t worry! You can learn, and you’ll have plenty of laughs together as you try. Reward yourselves with hot chocolate afterwards.

Dance Classes


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 If you want to reignite the fire in your relationship, there’s nothing better than dance classes to do so. Dancing involves physical closeness and intimacy which is often lacking in relationships that have been going for a while, and you’ll enjoy learning a new skill together. No matter what sort of dancing you choose to learn, you’ll find that it brings you closer together – you’ll have plenty of laughs dancing the salsa, you’ll get fit doing rock and roll dancing, and if you ever end up learning the rumba then chances are you’ll be practicing later that evening when you get home…

 An Indoor Picnic

If it’s hard to get a babysitter, then you don’t have to go out to have a special date night. Bring your date into your living room – spread out a cloth on the floor and sit down together to have a romantic indoor picnic. Treat your partner to his favorite sandwiches and finger foods, and bask in the novelty of sitting on the floor to eat. You could even build yourselves a blanket fort afterwards to curl up together and watch your favorite movie. Just make sure your kids don’t find out or they might start to feel left out! Here’s another go-to first date option that will encourage conversation and fun, comedy carnival.


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