The Secret Garden: Tips On Sprucing Up Your Garden For Cheap!

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Fixing up the garden is usually a priority in summer, but is never done in the winter. Sometimes the only reason some people end up sprucing up their garden is because they are selling their home, and sometimes, it is just too expensive to do your garden justice. But there are simple and effective ways to give your garden a makeover for a very low cost, and here are some of them.

Adding Some Color

A garden doesn’t have to be just a bit of brown fencing, and a patch of green, add some color, and it will transform your garden into a more vibrant space. Having a new wood fence installation will help to give your garden some boundaries, but you don’t necessarily have to paint that to give your garden a makeover. Instead, you can purchase some wooden planters. These are very colorful, and you can stand them up anywhere. But if you are growing delicate flowers or any fruits or vegetables, you will be better off getting raised planters because they will give your garden more protection against pests or the dog! If you cannot afford to purchase planters, you can paint some plant pots that you already have to give them a new look. The best colors to paint them are bright and bold colors if you are going for the effervescent look or calm pastel colors.

Spend Some Time On The Grass

Fertilizing your lawn is a great way to get your grass looking a lot healthier. Fertilizing on a regular basis helps to fill up bare patches of grass and prevent weeds from growing. By doing it every 3 months, you are helping the grass get stronger, which is great news if you have a lot of pets or people walking on it constantly. It is recommended to do it four times in the space of a year, and it only takes a couple of hours to do, so it is worth it to make your grass strong and look so much greener than before. And fertilizers are very cheap, so there is no excuse!

Look Online For Free Items

Websites such as Freecycle show items that are being given away, or eBay have cheap items that people will want to give away quickly and as cheap as possible as they are wanting to upgrade their own garden, such as plant pots. eBay is also very good for purchasing seeds if you are slowly starting to branch out into horticulture.

Shine A Light!

Using lighting in the summer evenings is a wonderful way to add some character to your garden. You could get lamps that are battery operated or solar powered lights which are great for the environment. If you are looking for a quaint look, dotting tea lights around the garden looks wonderful at night time. Or if you are having a big garden party, having big lamps strategically placed helps with visibility. Having a pretty garden doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, so start exercising your green fingers.


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