Strategies To Keep In Mind When Rejuvenating Your Home’s Exterior.

You might have an interior you love, complete with a statement like a 30 ft flagpole made in usa proudly flying a flag in your yard to welcome friends and family, but that doesn’t mean the work is done on the home yet. For most people, the first impression of your home will be the only one you get. If you care about décor, then you care about the kind of impression you make. But you shouldn’t start making additions and changes without a direction. To create the most striking appeal you can, you want a strategy in place.




The exterior is about blending the home with the outdoors. There are two ways you can do that. The first is by making the exterior and extension of the home design itself. For instance, consider aligning the driveway with the vertical profile of the home, building a line of sight that highlights the size and shape of the house itself. If you’re changing the paint and the windows, then make sure that you have a roof that fits their style, too.


The second way of creating a seamless transition from home to surroundings is to blur the lines between the exterior and its surroundings. For instance, use a landscaper to extend the profile of the home. You can do that through adding a pool pavilion or patio that fits the architecture of the home. Or you can create a scale of ‘development’ leading up to the home, going from the natural surroundings slowly to fit more in character with the property itself using additions like waterfall gardens. Even simple changes like creating a stone path that grows wider as it approaches the home creates the illusion that the house is sprouting out from its surroundings, rather than contrasting them wildly.



Lifestyle value

You want the exterior to look gorgeous, obviously, but you don’t want to create something that you’re never allowed to touch. Most outdoors improvements will do wonders for the economic value of the home, but what about its value to your life? If you have the space, then make use of it. Create an outdoor dining area or fit a patio with relaxing wicker furniture that takes you outdoors to enjoy your garden more often.


It might sound like we’ve thrown out ideas for a lot of changes that will wildly vary the look of your exterior. However, your path should always be to tie it together with some unifying themes. A contemporary pool house won’t fit a rustic stone garden. A little contrast is okay, but you want to keep it as simple as you can. If you’re choosing the color for the outdoors, choose colors that fit the more permanent of the home’s surroundings. If you’re not likely to change your roofing or driveway, choose a color that compliments them, for instance. Create an overarching style for the whole exterior, not just a mish-mash of different looks. Luxury does not mean garishness.


The perfect home marries the exterior to its surroundings almost seamlessly. But it’s not just for curb appeal, either. Make sure you always consider the kind of value the changes to the home actually make to your life. Otherwise, you’re spending time and effort on things that have no further use to you.


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