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Bear These In Mind When Moving Home!

Moving home can be an exciting time, a sign you’ve moved up in the world, the arrival of a newborn or even as a commitment with a partner. But there are many aspects you need to bear in mind when and as you move. Before you throw a housewarming party it is prudent to check and complete the following things to ensure peace of mind and a smooth moving process.


Get Help Moving

It can be too easy to trick yourself into thinking you won’t need any help moving from one property to another. You’ll think about the money saved, but it’ hard, extremely hard. You’ll need to hire a van and spend more than one day hauling the multitude of heavy boxes, fridges, units, the list goes on. In this case it is far more prudent to hire a professional Furniture Removalist firm to do the job for you. They can move everything for you, and will likely cause less damage to your property through drop pages and save your back a lot of heavy lifting. You’ll have to pay of cost, but when you take out the cost of hiring a van it becomes far more tenable.



Tell Your Bank Prior To The Move

If you tell your bank prior to the move they can likely change everything for you and you will not need to inform every individual who needs to know e.g your mobile phone contract supplier and other key direct debits you currently have on your account? If you tell them after the move the bank will be playing catch up. It’ll also cause confusion if you start setting up utility payments in your own name from your new address when the bank don’t know you’ve moved. They may think it’s fraud and stop the payments coming out, leaving you and your new provider frustrated.

Check The House For Damaging Materials

You likely already did this partially before agreeing to the sale, but now you actually own the property you can really dig in and check for anything which needs immediate sorting out. If it is an old property you should check for lead paint. Its noxious spores can cause breathing difficulty and are especially dangerous to the old and young. It’s only dangerous when disturbed, but you should get it done professionally. Asbestos can also be present. It has been used as guttering or garage roofing in the past, so double check if you’ve bought an older house because again when disturbed it can cause some nasty lung problems.


You need insulation to keep the house warm over winter and for top energy efficiency. You should check right away because certain new homeowners are eligible for free insulation depending on their local council. If you don’t have insulation you’ll be expending way more heat trying to warm your home, costing you more money. It is also good for the environment as you expend less energy and fossil fuels. It is usually found in the loft lining or wall, so have a look. Even if you have some you could be eligible for a renewal.


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