Why It’s Easier Than Ever to Pursue Entrepreneurship

If you’ve ever wished you could step into the freelance arena and hone your entrepreneurship skills, you’re in luck. There’s never been a better time to launch a freelance career than right now. According to the study “Freelancing in America” by Upwork and Freelancers Union, freelancers are predicted to become the U.S. workforce majority within a decade. In fact, nearly 50 percent of millennial workers are already freelancing. 

But you don’t have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel when it comes to taking control of your career and building your own business. Here’s why it’s easier than ever to pursue entrepreneurship, and how to get started:

Proven Business Models

There’s nothing wrong with starting your own business from scratch, but you can also tap into proven business models and harness their provided tools for success. For example, direct-selling company Amway offers video tutorials, resources, and marketing materials to get your own business up and running. Whether you want to sell home goods or health-focused merchandise, Amway’s line of products gives entrepreneurs the ability to niche down and build a business. Consider combining your passion for teaching others about healthy living with selling the Amway health products you already use that help improve your life. 

Freelancing Platforms

Freelancing is a popular way to get started in entrepreneurship because you don’t need anything except an idea to get started. You can immediately tap into your network and offer your freelance services in graphic design or copywriting without the need for a website or business cards. However, it can be hard to scale your freelance business if you don’t have an extensive network or one that really needs your services. That’s where established freelancing platforms like Upwork come into play. You can create a profile and bid on jobs relevant to your skills. But it does take some finessing to stand-out. Bid on high-quality, well-paying jobs and create rock-solid proposals to win the gig. 

Gig Economy Opportunities

Look to the gig economy if you’re not quite ready to dive into freelancing, or are interested in work that doesn’t fit into the freelancing model. Contractors, painters, errand runners, and beyond can showcase their services on Task Rabbit and perform quick “tasks” to build their business. Meanwhile, voice over artists, editors, researchers, and even astrologers can list their gig on Fiverr. Although there are plenty of ways to earn a small living on Fiverr at just $5 per gig, many users have figured out how to scale their offering into a six-figure business by offering gig extras and added value. 

Online Networking

Before the Internet ever existed, we largely relied on community networking events and membership in the Rotary Club to build our network. But there’s really no excuse not to have a broad and diverse network by tapping into platforms like LinkedIn and even Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Take the time to curate your connections, optimize your online profiles to showcase your skills, and engage with others to build your network. You can also join relevant groups on LinkedIn to offer valuable advice to other members and attract more attention to your profile. As your network grows, it becomes that much easier to tap into current connections as you build up your business and skills as an entrepreneur. 

There’s really no right or wrong way to pursue entrepreneurship in today’s thriving freelance marketplace and gig economy. The only way to really fail is by failing to take action. So put the excuses away and get started. Take time to hone your skills and build a thriving business one sale or one gig at a time.



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