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Difficulties while sleeping and some solutions for them

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There is no doubt that poor sleep may cause various health problems. For example, a sleep disorder called insomnia. It is when people cannot easily fall asleep or get up early and because of it, they feel tired. According to various sources, almost 30% of adults in the United States experience insomnia.

Signs of Insomnia

           You can understand whether you have insomnia or not by checking the following activities:

  •       Difficulties while sleeping
  •       Early wake ups
  •       Being awake while lying to sleep
  •       Feeling tired after waking up
  •       Feeling tired during the day
  •       Low focus on daily tasks because of feeling tired
  •       Waking up few times during the night

If you have one or several of those symptoms it means you may have insomnia. We recommend going to the doctor. There may be some causes of insomnia.

Causes of Insomnia

  •       High consumption of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine
  •       Coexisting health issues
  •       Room temperature
  •       Use of drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine
  •       Jet lag
  •       Noise
  •       Mattress and the pillow

High consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine during the day may cause various health problems including insomnia. There are short-term benefits of caffeine such as being energized, however, in the long term caffeine may cause insomnia. Other substances, such as alcohol, and nicotine consumption may lead to sleepless nights. People may consume those 4-5 hours before sleeping.

There are various health problems such as heart diseases, asthma, Parkinson’s, and others that may cause insomnia.

The room temperature is also very important for sleeping. Usually, people cannot fall asleep because of getting hot or cold.  According to various sources, the ideal sleep temperature for the bedroom is 65-67 degrees of Fahrenheit.

The use of recreational drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy also has short-term energizing effects, but they can cause insomnia. After the use of those drugs, people hardly fall asleep.

After changing the locations and the day and night shifts people may have jet lag. For example, if somebody goes from the United States to Russia he/she feels sleepy during the day and awake at night.

The bedroom should be quiet for falling asleep easily as well. Noise can damage the quality of sleep and cause insomnia.

One of the major things that people should buy for their bedrooms to get a healthy and easy night’s sleep is the bed supply. Mattresses and pillows are very important things for sleep. For example, Dormeo octaspring technology is developed to bring maximum comfort to the bed. Using octaspring technology mattresses and pillows will help you get asleep easily and overcome insomnia.

 The right amount of sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation on average people need to sleep approximately from 7-15 hours according to their ages. Below you can find how much you should sleep. There are unique cases when people need to choose how much to sleep according to their life stage and health.

  •       Newborn, Infants, and toddlers – 12-17 hours
  •       Preschool, school-age, and teens – 9-13 hours
  •       Young adult, adult, older adult – 7-9 hours

Those are recommended ranges of hours for everyone, however, there may be some unique cases.



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