Guide to Finding the Best Real Estate Investment Coach

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Every year, loads of people begin their quests to become successful real estate investors with the aim of making a significant profit. As the months go by, a chunk of these people often end up dropping out of the race to cut their losses. A few others remain in the race while making little or no returns to their investment. A select few, however, are the ones who take the big real estate profits home. 

The question then becomes, why did the third set of people succeed while the others failed? Well, the answer is simple; the third set of people got a real estate investment coach!

While there are lots of real estate investment coaches available, not all of them are perfect for you. According to Edna Keep – Real Estate investment coach, If you intend to become a successful real estate investor this year, consider following these guides in finding the best coach. 

Who Is a Real Estate Investment Coach?

A real estate investment coach is a professional and experienced real estate investor specializing in providing coaching or mentoring services to inexperienced real estate investors or other people who are hoping to learn the business.

Although real estate coaching methods vary from coach to coach, the aim of any real estate investment coaching involves providing the students with the required skills, knowledge, guidelines, and support needed to become successful in real estate investment.

The coaching sessions can take the form of one-on-one teachings, group teachings, etcetera, and can be done either physically or virtually, depending on the agreement or location of the parties involved.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Real Estate Coach

Identify What You Want to Achieve in Real Estate Investment

The most important factor to consider before selecting a coach is your goals. You must determine your aim or purpose for investing in real estate. Would you prefer to earn passive income from your real estate investment? Do you want to play an active role? Would you rather flip houses own shares in the real estate business? 

Once you’ve determined what you intend to accomplish as a real estate investor, you’ll be able to identify a coach who has experience in your field of interest. This way, you can go for a coach who offers the skills and techniques you need to succeed in your chosen area.

Check Out the Coach’s Accomplishments in Your Chosen Field

Before choosing a real estate investment coach, check if the coach is already accomplished in your desired field. Assess their past achievements in real estate and check to be sure that they’ve successfully done the things you intend to do. Ensure you hire a coach who meets all your standards since they’ll serve as the foundation for your career in real estate investment.

Determine What Level of Risk You Can Tolerate

Real estate investment is a risky venture, and it’s best to know the level of risk you are willing to undertake. If you want a low-risk investment, there are certain types of real estate ventures you’ve got to avoid.

However, note that the riskier the venture, the more profit you’re expected to make. Once you’ve decided on the level of risk you’re willing to take on, go ahead and find a coach to help you maximize the returns from your preferred investment strategy

Search for a Coach With Whom You Share Mutual Goals

After specifying your goals and intentions towards real estate investment, determining the level of risk you’re willing to take on, and identifying your potential coach’s achievements, the next factor to consider is if the coach’s goals align with yours. If you share the same goals and motives with your real estate investment coach, you can be assured of a smooth-running relationship throughout the mentorship program. 

What to Expect From a Real Estate Investment Coach

A real estate investment coaching program can take different forms. The most popular forms include personalized coaching, which involves having one-on-one classes with the investment coach. There’s also the mastermind group where you can simply join any real estate investing group around you or online. The third form is the apprenticeship or internship method, where you learn under a seasoned real estate investor. 

Generally, what to expect from a real estate coach depends on the deal between you two.  However, no matter what coaching form you choose, here are some things you can expect to gain from the lessons.

  • Expect to Learn the Right Investment Techniques

The real estate investment coach you’ll hire must have experience as a real estate investor. One thing you ought to expect to learn from the coach is how to gain and apply the needed skills and techniques required to succeed in real estate investment. 

  • Expect to Learn a Do-It-Yourself System

You most likely chose this real estate investment coach because you admire their business tactics and success. When undergoing a mentorship program under the investment coach, you ought to expect the coach to provide you with a do-it-yourself system that shows a complete guide on achieving your investment goals through their method.

  • Expect to Have a Close Relationship with the Coach

Learning about real estate investment requires a lot of dedication on your part and that of the coach. You need a coach that’s easily accessible, one with whom you can communicate easily and fluently. You need a coach that you can call upon when you need to ask questions or if you need advice regarding matters of real estate investment.

  • Expect to Get Some Connections and Networking Relationships from the Coach

Since the coach is an expert in real estate investment, it’s expected that they’ll have a networking circle with the right people in the real estate business. Therefore, expect the coach to connect you with people that will play a part in helping you achieve your goals.


It’s important to note that the real estate investment coach is only there to guide you through your investment journey. In order to succeed in the venture, it’s left for you to follow the directives set by the coach. Don’t expect your real estate investment goals to magically solve your real estate investment problems simply because you hired a coach. You must work actively towards achieving your goals while working with the guidelines provided by the coach. 





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