How To Properly Put Your Jeep Soft Top Down

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A soft top is a great addition to any Jeep setup. Whether you’re looking for an excuse to hit the trail or you’re headed to another day at the office, Jeep soft tops keep you protected from the elements while still enjoying some fresh air. Check out this helpful guide to put your soft top down and soak in the sun in your Goats Trail apparel on your next ride.


Review Your Specific Jeep and Soft Top

First, it’s important to review the exact model of Jeep and soft top you own. There are a number of models that all have slightly different features. You shouldn’t assume removing every top is exactly the same, so only follow these general steps after reviewing your top to see if it has the same items.

If you aren’t happy with your soft top, or you’re cruising year-round with a hard top, this is a great opportunity to explore the benefits of another top before purchasing one. Some soft tops conveniently fold in and out, transforming your rugged off-road rig into a sports-car-like convertible.

Release the Header Latches

Start the process by locating the header latches. You need to remove the sun visors to access these latches, and there may also be retainer clips above all your doors that must be unlatched before the top can move. Don’t attempt to force the top, but look for other latches or clips that may be securing it.

Fold Back the Top

A hinge system then allows the top to fold back. Use caution when sliding it backward, as a soft top Jeep CJ5 or other model of Jeep uses a number of hinge points. Few things ruin a fun-filled ride like pinched fingers.

Be sure the fabric doesn’t get caught in the hinge points, as this can tear it or cause excessive wear. Once the top is completely folded back, many models have hook-and-loop straps to secure them.

Open the Swing Gate

A swing gate in the rear of your Jeep covers the soft top once it’s fully stowed. Open this gate and carefully lower the top the rest of the way. Check again for loose fabric folds that may be pinched by the bars or the swing gate.

Remove Windows and Retainers

Window panels, retainer clips, sail panel retainers, rails and other items all must be removed before you can safely drive or install a new top. Use care not to leave any clips hanging, as these could fall off your Jeep as you drive or get in the way of a hard top installation.

Now that your top is completely folded down, you can either stow it or completely remove it. Some Jeep models don’t have an area to stow the soft top, so you may need to take it down to drive safely.

Thankfully, a folded up soft top is relatively lightweight and easy to remove on your own. If you’re struggling with it, ask a friend to help lift it off to avoid injury or damage to your top.

Shop for a New Jeep Top Today

Cruise along your favorite stretch of road with a Bestop soft top today. Shop for a replacement top and use these steps to safely install and uninstall it for a personalized ride.


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