Cut Up The Cards – 5 Steps To Digging Your Way Out Of Credit Card Debt

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The boogie monster was a scary figure during your childhood years. Your wild imagination would see it hide under your bed and in your closet, ready to grab you by the legs at a moment’s notice.

By the time you had reached adulthood though, that boogie monster had morphed into a credit card which can be a scary monster all on its own. Before that grabs you by the legs and drags you into its lair of debt, read on. Here are five ways to eradicate that monster for good:

 Consider Loan Options

Putting items on your credit card can seem like a good idea at the time, but it doesn’t take long for the debt to stack up. If you’re now in a situation where your income doesn’t cover the money you owe, then consider money loans from reputable lenders. There are many lending agencies out there with flexible terms to help you say goodbye to high-interest credit cards, and hello to manageable weekly repayments.

Live Within Your Means

With so many convenient payment terms out there, it’s easier than ever before to live outside of your means. You can whip out the card and put almost anything on it, not realizing that high interest rates will see you paying more than that item was ever worth.

If you want to get a handle on your credit card debt, then start living within your means. Eat lentils, not lobster, and cut back on all those shopping sprees for goods you may want, but don’t need. Take it a step further and put a 3-day restriction on buying any new item. This trick takes the impulsivity out of purchasing, and after three days you may realize you don’t need the item as much as you initially thought.

Shop Smarter

Shopping smarter can save you a fortune over your lifetime, so why not start as soon as possible? Take coupons, for example. Did you know you can save around $1,500 annually on your grocery bill by taking the time to use coupons? While you might not be the checkout operator’s favorite shopper, you’ll be the winner when you see how significantly different your bank account looks within a year or two.

Sell Assets

If you’re desperate to get your credit card debt down to zero, then it might be time to consider selling some assets. Selling personal belongings can be a great way to pay off your credit card and put some extra money in the bank by ridding your home of items you no longer need.

Think about all those late-night TV advertising purchases you made. Do you ever use that fancy renovating tool or salad spinner? Get your house in order while putting more cash in the bank.

Cut Up the Card

Credit card interest rates are shockingly high, at around 17 percent in 2019. Once you finally manage to dig your way out of debt with the methods above, you should be able to cut your card up for good, or at least only use it for emergencies. If you need a helping hand with this process, you may also want to see a budget advisor to get you back on the right track.

Credit cards can be your best friend and worst enemy at the same time. They can allow you to live a life of luxury, but they can also make you pay for it ten-fold. Before you end up in a world of hurt, with an adult version of the boogie man on your case, get your credit card debt under control with these helpful tips.



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