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Happy Campers – 5 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Your Nature Loving Friends

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Some people’s idea of a holiday is to rent a car and drive to a fancy five-star restaurant with pools, spas, and room service. For other people, however, the call of the outdoors is, and they’d rather set up in a tent and battle the outdoor conditions. If you have a friend or family member who prefers to rough it, then read on for some great Christmas and birthdays gifts.

Four Wheel Driving Accessories

Some of the best camping spots can be isolated and a little off the beaten track. If you don’t have the right four-wheel driving accessories, then trying to get to those destinations safely can be nearly impossible. Why not look at accessories such as LED light bars? They can light the way far better than the average vehicle’s headlights, while not breaking the bank.

Solar Equipment

You won’t find too many tent sites with power outlets, which means the average tenter will be looking at the nearby campervans with envy, especially if they have a Fiamma F45s Awning set up!  While they’re sitting in light with the TV going, your friends are trying to navigate their tent site with half-flat torches. Be the best friend ever and treat them to solar lighting and other helpful solar equipment.

Everything from torches to radios and camp showers is solar these days. As long as the recipient takes advantage of those glorious summer temperatures, they can charge them up during the day, then make use of them at night.

Camping Food

If you’re not much of a camping expert, then treat your loved one to a gift that will never be of no use: food. Create a gift hamper with a range of camper-friendly food items. Think about what your friends do while they’re camping to get inspiration. If they love to go for walks on the beach, hikes, or a lot of energy-sapping activities, then choose food that will give them all the get-up-and-go they need. Such a gift will be well-received and will always come in handy.

Safety Gear

Over 40 million people go camping in the United States every year, which means it’s clear to see it’s a favorite pastime for many. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone that goes camping has prepared for any eventuality in the outdoors. If you want your loved ones to be safe on their next outdoor adventure, then gift them with safety gear. Read one person tents reviews for that protection from the environment that they will certainly encounter.

Satellite phones, personal locator beacons, and first aid kits are among many gift options that could end up being lifesavers. You could even go one step further by putting together a custom kit. Gloves, a compass, emergency blankets, head torches, batteries, and freeze-dried food are all valid options that won’t go astray.

Comforts of Home

After days or even weeks, of camping, even the happiest camper can start to miss the comforts of home. If you want something extra special to gift a loved one, then put thought into what they might miss the most. It might be an inflatable pillow, a special blanket, blocks of chocolate, or even a book with an included solar light.

Millions of people head out into nature every year to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. If your friend or family member is nature-bound, make sure they’re prepared for the trip. Accessorize their 4WD with lighting, offer them solar products and energy-rich food, or ensure they cover all safety bases. They can then set off with everything they need, while you get the peace of mind that they are as safe as possible.



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