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How Corner TV Stands Can Make Your Living Room Bigger

Where you place your furniture has a great impact on how your living room appears. From size to style, in this article, I will talk about corner TV stands and making your living room look bigger. 


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Living rooms are important for a reason. They’re where you receive your guests, which means living rooms are the first impression people usually have of your home.

A large living room usually looks more inviting and welcoming than a small one, which is why it’s important to make sure that your living room space is optimized. One way to do this is by using a corner TV stand for your television.

Here are some tips on how to make your living room bigger by using a corner TV stand.


Maximizes open space

A large open space may look empty, but if your things are strategically placed, it can make the room much larger and therefore more pleasant to the eyes.

In order to maximize the open space in your living room, try using a corner TV stand. By putting your TV stand in the corner of the room, you’re freeing up the middle area that can be used for other furniture without making things look crowded.

There’s a reason why architects suggest scaling down furniture’s to make tiny rooms look big. Putting too many things in one area, such as the case with most TV stands that are in the middle of the room, even if they are against the wall, can confuse the eyes and make it seem like everything is disorganized. This in turn can lead to a space that looks smaller than its actual size.

Declutters your living room

Of course, there’s no question that your home is one of the most accurate and most personal representation of how you’re living your private life.

People can easily make assumptions on someone based on what their house looks like. Got a clean, fresh home? That probably means you’re a conscientious, organized person. Cramped, cluttered home? That could give someone the impression that you’re a disorganized and careless person, even if that’s not the truth.

If you want to avoid this impression, you can try decluttering your living room. Corner TV stands can be some of the best TV stands that you can ever pick for your home if you’re going for a more minimalist, clean look. Many times, wall-mounted televisions in the middle of the room can achieve the same look, but then again, you’re better off with less things on your wall, especially if you want to put up picture frames as decor.

Makes the walls look longer

A piece of furniture strategically placed in the corner can sometimes make your walls look longer, due to the eyes thinking that diagonal lines are much longer than straight ones.

Placing your furniture at an angle can redirect the flow of the room, removing obstructions that can make the room appear cluttered and small. Always keep in mind your focal point when you’re decorating your home. If your focal point is in the middle of the room, you wouldn’t want to have a sharp angle in the corner taking away from that, right? Hence, a corner TV stand is the perfect solution.

Lightens up a usually dark area

Good lighting can make even a small room look bigger than it actually is. That’s one of the main reasons why places with large or high windows look so huge.

If you don’t happen to have these built-in natural lighting, though, you can make up for it by maximizing what you already have, such as your television and the corners of your living room. Remember, corners are usually the darkest parts of a room, which makes them a good location for appliances that emit light like lamps or televisions.

Not to mention, since the goal of watching TV is to actually see what’s happening, it makes a lot of sense to put it in the corner, away from all the light. You can even place it in a corner against where the windows are placed, for optimum viewing pleasure.

Utilizes a rarely used space

Let’s face it, corners are rarely used and often overlooked areas inside a room. Take a look inside your own home. What do you see in the corner? There’s a good chance that it’s bare, unless you have a drawer and a lamp in there. If that’s the case, you’re doing good. Most people tend to forget that area, leaving it dusty and free forever.

You can utilize this rarely used space by placing your TV there with a corner TV stand. Not only are you making your living room bigger, you’re also putting to good use one of the most ignored areas in your house. When done well, it can even make your room have a ‘designer’ vibe to it.


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